Joanne Nathans

Rachel Goodrich

Lisa Rawlings

Elizabeth Weber

Lou Packett

Brian Murray

Jacquetta Graham

Workforce Development Committee Report

Elizabeth gave the report–recap from last night’s meeting. Committee discussed areas of focus for the summer and fall:


Have a conversation on workforce from an educational perspective with employers and education providers.


Invite employers to attend workforce development committee meetings to talk about their hiring practices


Come up with metrics on successful workforce development programs


Should start thinking about when to schedule next resource fair–Franklin Square would be a good neighborhood. Lou will scope out locations with Elizabeth.


Education Committee is hosting events discussing race and racism and their impact on education, employment, housing, health–workforce development committee should have a role in the planning of the event


626 Community Resource Fair Recap

Successful event–good turnout and good service mix.

Legal services: 115 participants sought and secured legal services–expungement (97–227 charges eligible for expungement), wills, landlord-tenant issues

Feedback: very positive, main question was when it was happening again, questions about SWP, know more about workforce development committee happenings, requests for services and support around education (GED, pre-GED, training)

Paul’s Place: 9-10 received vital document assistance, many more received guidance on what they need

Paul’s Place, resume writing, and legal services were the most popular vendor areas


Workforce Roundtable really made an impact–many partners showed up and dedicated time and energy to the event and did a great job.


Train2Work Career Fair

Southwest Works, UMB, YoCenter partnering on a Train2Work Career Fair.

Know that there are a number of free training programs available to the community and have a number of best practices.


These training programs will be together at the UM BioPark on Thursday June 7th from 10:30-12:00pm where community members can learn about the program. Will be set up like a job fair. Invited training programs to bring alums, and one will do a demonstration.


Rev Murray: how to address people who are underemployed/working minimum wage jobs? All programs are designed to get people skills and recognized credentials to start a career.


Encourage everyone to invite their community who may be interested. List of training providers will be sent also a Facebook Live.


Roundtable Update

Provided feedback on anchor institution referral program and created a report on the anchor referral program and the workforce roundtable which will be completed and shared shortly.


Community Referral Program:

  • 120 people referred; 107 prescreening and interviews; 101 passed prescreening interview (people are ready)
  • 89 referred to anchor institution for job
  • 12 hired (does not include people hired through information sessions, another 6 hired through those)
    • Been very difficult to get feedback from employers on why people aren’t hired

Rev Murray: what level of employment? Depends on the person



UMB is going to have Housekeeper positions the first Monday of the month June, July, August. June 4th ‘apply now, apply here’ session at the Community Engagement Center.


SoWeBo Festival: May 27th around Hollins Market!


Next Race and Racism discussion will be on employment in September


UMMC is at Lexington Market every third Wednesday hiring people from 10-2


Employment Connection Center

Canada Dry looking for drivers May 24th and 25th

Coast Guard Yard Career Info Sessions May 31st 10am


UMB 36 S Poppleton will be the new Community Engagement Center