Southwest Partnership

May Education Committee Meeting

May 3rd 2017


Edith Gilliard Canty

Elizabeth Weber

Ivan Leshinsky

Lou Packett

Sheila Drummond Camm

Quincy Goldsmith

Jane Mayrer

Linda Callahan

Laurence Gilliard

Camille Givens Patterson

Community School Planning Update

Forgot to print the report on the forum that we did. Elizabeth shared the report and the Committee discussed. The report is attached below. These will be shared with the participants and the wider community. Data in the SERs. Next year there will be a social work intern in each school to finish up the needs assessment and work on one of the identified focus areas.

May 12th Event Update

Going to be a panel/presentation on the start of a year long conversation about racism. The first panel will focus on Education and will be May 12th at 4pm. Need to do a lot of recruitment to bring out the community. The event will be at the UM BioPark. There will be transportation to view the UnDesign the Redline Exhibit at the MotorHouse on North Ave. Volunteers are needed!

9 Building Blocks for World Class Education

Attempt to distill what good school systems have in common.  Good to know about this as a format because we are advocating for a certain approach to education but do not all necessarily have an academic understanding of educational structures and systems. Understanding the reasoning behind systems is an important why to build knowledge and leadership. The Committee reviewed the building blocks and settled on one that they found most interesting, then the most important.  They discussed th building blocks as a group.