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Anchor Referral Program Update

Lisa handed out a sheet outlining the anchor referral program update. As of now, the community referral program guarantees that an application will be seen by a hiring manager. Right now an interview cannot be guaranteed because there is often an internal candidate.


The process once someone is referred to a position outline on the handout. Community members can be referred to UMB, UMMC, and Faculty Physicians Inc. Community referrers have to participate in the SWP Workforce Roundtable. A question is, what counts as participation in the Workforce Roundtable? During the second half of the meetings the anchor institutions report on the status of the candidate. The Roundtable discussed options and requirements. Virginia: do we need a standard of program requirement to have organizations be part of the Workforce Roundtable? That doesn’t seem to be something that the Roundtable/SWP has the ability and the interest in doing. Rick and Lisa: may be more important to have folks actually referred from the community-that’s the most important thing, rather than the organizations.


Also important to be ready/prepare the client to be ready any questions that may arise from the resume/application.


Also added screening interviews to ensure that community members are ready for the interview. May in the future need volunteer screeners so that the screening interview isn’t done by someone who has worked with them in the past. IT’s fine for community members to apply for multiple positions, but they should try to tailor applications to their interests, and a separate email will be sent to the anchor institutions for each application submitted.


Joanne: are there reading/writing screenings? Lisa no, that’s not something that is part of the referral process or all anchor job application procedures.


UMMC Resume Exercise

The point of the exercise is to see the type of work that Human Resource’s folks at the anchors do when they receive applications–specifically UMMC.

According to the sample position description it’s important for the resume to have:

  • Have to put the minimum education requirements on the resume, even if the candidate has higher education
  • Have to be very clear that jobs on resumes meet the requirements of the job–don’t just rely on the name of the employer
  • Have to have complete contact information, including and especially Baltimore, MD and zip code
  • Use identical verbs from job description


The Roundtable reviewed example resumes to get a sense of what type of resume will be the most effective for UMMC. In the more successful resume skills were at the top, relevant work experience was at the top, the objective was targeted to a specific position.  They discussed how to structure older work history to the best advantage of the candidate.


Rachel: would a functional resume also work for this job seeker?

Lisa: thinks that because the recent employment history is relevant, chronological works for this job seeker and doesn’t have to worry about a functional resume.


Maxine: very important to have a work related reference


Workforce Development Committee Update

The first meeting of the SWP Workforce Development Committee was the first Wednesday of May at 7pm. Approximately seven community members attended, and the Committee decided to focus first on collecting as much data as possible about three constituent areas.

Joanne: the Committee might be interested in a League of Women Voters report on where jobs are now and where they will be in the future. It gives detailed information based on occupation based on projected employment prospects.



Bon Secours Community Works May 24th CNA/GNA Career Fair with employers who are hiring 10am-2pm at 26 N Fulton Ave.


Maryland New Directions is having a job fair on Thursday May 25th at the corner of St Paul and 27th St. 9-12, career training programs and employers. Career Pathways program beginning June 12th.


Stand for Youth–14 slots for telecomm technician and electrician pre-apprenticeship.