Southwest Partnership Housing Committee
5.11.17 Meeting Minutes
Next Housing Committee meeting is scheduled for 6.8.17 at the UMB Community Engagement Center
Attendees: Jamie Pitts, Jarret Horst, Suzanne Welch, Lou Packett, Michael Seipp, Nancy McCormick,
Diana Giess, Matt Benning, Sonya Eddy, Dotti Page, John Law

 Introductions
 Tour of Hollins House
 Property Rights Handbook update – WORK has been hired to print 2,500 copies of the brochure
which should be due in the next 10 days, expected to be available for distribution before the
SoWeBo festival.
 Review of State Applications: all bullet points below are being presented to SWP Board for
o Housing (“C” = CORE application, “B” = BRNI application and “CL” = Community Legacy
 C – Lease to Purchase – city believes there are about 71 properties that can be
delivered as available for rehabilitation. Estimated at 1.5MM. This project has
been identified as priority number 1 by the Housing Committee.
 C – W Baltimore Street – multiple projects including 1500 block mixed use on the
south side of the block and the Ford building in the 1400 block. Anticipated ask
of 2MM.
 C- Pigtown – YWCA, two developers interested in a mixed use facility making
use of the 70+ vacant properties. Estimated ask of 1MM.
 B – Aging in Place – including door knobs/levers, grab bars in restrooms, etc.
Estimated ask 570k. This ask includes the cornice replacement idea which was
not disputed by CHAP under initial discussions.

o Other
 B – Acquisition Fund – 500k
 CL – Façade Treatment – Baltimore Development Corporation 250k
 B – Small Neighborhood Grants – miscellaneous asks from residents of the
neighborhoods to be made available for use on projects that support or
enhancement of the community. 210k.
 B – Landmark Lighting – (2) areas in discussion at Carey St. underpass and Hollins
 B – Neighborhood Identity – branding of the neighborhoods to include (7) mural
 B – Defensible Spaces – alley gating.

 C – Industrial Campus – land consolidation in service of a for-profit commercial
business who has approached the SWP for help with acquiring land. Estimated
ask 1.9MM.

 Old Business
o The SWP Board has approved the endorsement of the 20/20 plan previously supported
by the Housing Committee.

 New Business
o Suggested initiative for next year would be a low interest loan pool for neighbors of
renovated areas to allow them to do home improvements to match the adjacent
o St. Luke’s Clergy house was identified as a potential CORE application. This property
could be included in the W. Baltimore application described above. The church is
anxious to sell but the property is known to need a vast amount of work. This could be
consider against CORE or BRNI grants.