Southwest Partnership

Historic Preservation

May 15 2017


Betsey Waters

Jane Mayrer

Michael Mellett

Dan Rodenburg

Scott Kashnow

Elizabeth Weber


CHAP Update

Dan passed out a copy of the Union Square CHAP Historic District. In the last week another two areas were added to the CHAP historic districts in Baltimore City as a whole.


1015 W Baltimore St is the first property after the archway lot, has been recently purchased and is planned to be developed. It is planned as a real estate office and second and third floor apartments.


1500 block of W Baltimore St is also planned development.


Liquor store on Lombard St has been cited by CHAP and will need to conform with the CHAP requirements—they have until September to correct issues including the awning, the ramp, etc.


State Grant Application Priorities

The Committee reviewed their priorities for the SWP’s state grant applications. Scott wants to make sure that the Committee has established what their priorities are.


Community Legacy:

only one grant, first priority (for storefront updates and maintenance on W Baltimore St). Betsey: would be nice to see some money for the storefront improvements go into historic projects and things like windows and cornices.



  1. W Baltimore St Commercial District
  2. Vitreon Campus
  3. Lease to Purchase Franklin Square and Mount Clare
  4. Pigtown Homeownership Project

BRNI Operating:

  1. Operating


BRNI Projects:

  1. Acquisition Fund
  2. Neighborhood Identity
  3. Landmark Lighting
  4. Small Community Grants
  5. Aging in Place
  6. Defensible Spaces


Project Updates

Malachi Mills: is in tax sale, and we have asked the city to buy the tax sale certificate.

Michael spoke to Reginald F Lewis Museum, and they are interested and are willing to be helpful, asked to be kept posted.


Sign and Tourism Project: Baltimore National Heritage Association does have money held by DOT for a walking tour of the area. They will update us in July when they know for sure. We will move forward with applying for funding for historic signs.


HRNA will make a $250 contribution


Scott wants to expand the project to include a tourism project for the area identifying historic sites in the area.


SoWeBo Landmark 5K: supposed to run by landmarks. One of the biggest costs is policing, which means limiting the route. Scott would like to expand the race to include landmarks, which might cost a little more. He would like to have the race path cross the B&O Railroad tracks, which the B&O Museum will not be ok with. The Committee discussed various SoWeBo 5K route options.


Deconstruction Update: Lost another building in the last month. Scott wrote to Eric Holcomb from CHAP who is interested in the idea. Could write deconstruction and brick packaging into a contract. Scott is talking to CHAP. Locations to store bricks are Baltimore ToolBank and the POP!Farm. Also have to figure out how to move things around. Dan discussed other potential buildings that could be potentially taken down soon and suggested a business he knows in Remington that does similar things.


South Baltimore Gateway Fund

New fund coming out of the Casino—half of casino money is now directly in the control of the South Baltimore Gateway group of neighborhoods, can decide what projects they want to fund directly.

$5000: community grant

$50,000, $100,000

Enhanced services fund services themselves.


Is a source of funding for projects in Pigtown, Barre Circle, and Carroll Park. Michael is interested in what’s going on with the MLK entrance. EW will find out what’s going on with that.


Scott has thinking about the Mount Clare Museum House and the historic aspects of Carroll Park. He wants to create a nice entrance from the B&O Whistle Stop to the mansion.


Jane: learned for the first time today about the work going back 20 years of trying to excavate the slave quarters at Mount Clare to make it an interpretive history museum. It has been a fraught process, and the sites have now been destroyed, according to what Jane heard at the meeting. There hasn’t been much progress, Scott thinks its incumbent on the Committee to push it forward. Michael suggested reaching out to the new Director of the Mount Clare Museum House.


Irish Railroad Worker’s Museum Anniversary June 17th will be the unveiling of the mural.