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NPower Presentation (Kathy Morgan)

NPower is an IT training program that is new to Baltimore. NPower is based in New York and the goal is introduce the program to Baltimore. NPower will be headquartered at 1101 W Pratt St and the goal is to begin the first cohort July 19th. They are actively recruiting young adults 18-24 who have a high school diploma or GED and are legally able to work in the US. If people want to apply they need to complete an online interest application, then complete the official application, provide a resume and references, and a short essay. Successful candidates will have an interest in working in the tech sector, and strong reading and math scores.


The Baltimore NPower program is offering the Technology Corps Fellow program which provides graduates with A+ Certification, which will prepare them for entry level positions with the partnering employers. The program includes 15 weeks of intense training (9am-1pm 5 days a week) and a 7 week paid internship ($15 an hour).


Kathy and the NPower team welcome any and all suggestions about what they can do to make the program successful. They are especially interested in how they can connect with young people for recruitment.


Suggestions included Digital Harbor High School, MOED’s Youth Development office and the Yo Centers, and THREAD. Workforce attendees will connect NPower with these available resources.


SW Works

Hopkins Local is a local hiring and recruitment initiative that has produced a consolidated packet of information and application forms. This is similar to what the SWP, the anchors, and the workforce roundtable have been trying to put together. With the limited capacity of the SWP the goal is not to offer programs but to put together an efficient way to refer residents between and to programs and to the SWP’s partnering anchor institutions.  

Elizabeth has put together a draft packet which was shared with the Roundtable. Members offered suggestions which will be integrated in the final version. The Roundtable members agreed to use the packet with clients interested in being referred to positions at UMB/UMMS.


Additionally, there have been discussions about restructuring the proposed Southwest Works/Portal program so that it is fundable–the resources are needed to provide a workforce coordinator for the SWP neighborhoods. The SWP is currently meeting with the Casino Impact Area about partnering with the Employment Connection Center on a position that would be an anchor liaison and an outreach worker. Lou has been trying to raise a series of matching commitments for the program.



Bon Secours Community Works: is having an Expungement Event on Monday the 23rd from 5-9pm at 26 N Fulton Ave. There will be lawyers available and walk-ins are allowed.


They have had 44 enrollees in their CNA/GNA training and will start the 3th cohort in August.

They are recruiting for their Clean and Green program, which is a 6 month training program which pays $11 an hour. Because the program currently needs to go through the main Bon Secours hiring process there are restrictions on the education level and background of applicants.


Maryland New Directions: is recruiting for their Port jobs training programs for June and July. Ages 18-29 are a priority, but ages 18-50 are also acceptable.


Paul’s Place: there are spots available for Middle Schoolers for Paul’s Place summer day camp.


JOTF: Jumpstart is starting new classes at JARC on the west side, and will be collaborating on a big expungement workshop with a date TBD.


Second Chance: hiring a job developer and retail managers, as well as warehouse and logistics supervisors.


Darryl Lee: organizing Workforce Wednesday Workshops at the UMB Community Engagement Center. First one is scheduled from 5:30-8pm on June 22nd. This is a pilot program as the CEC figures out how to best fill unmet workforce needs in the community.