Housing Committee
May 19, 2016

Meeting started at 7:15 – Jamie opened the meeting asking folks to introduce themselves and tell the
Committee how they received the information on the meeting.
In attendance were: John Connor (Yaya), Lou Packet, JR, Michael Mellet, Nancy McCormick, Dorothy
Page, Jamie Potts, Edith Gillard, Bev Jacobs, Diana Geis, Michael Seipp.
Update on CORE Funding. Michael Seipp presented the new information from the State of Maryland
about the 70 million dollars that the Governor has committed to help the City of Baltimore reduce the
number of vacant houses. It is expected that there will be 18 million dollars available after July 1, 101.
The SWP needs to be ready to submit requests for funds. MS recommended that the first proposal for
funding be connected to the housing developments in Mt Clare and Franklin Square. He also proposed
that the June meeting be dedicated to reviewing a more comprehensive list of possible proposals.
Anthony and Yaya raised the issue of minority subcontractors being given consideration. Jamie assured
the Committee that this is a high priority.
Anthony asked the question about how decisions would be made on demolition versus renovation. This
will be an ongoing process of decisions that will be made in the field jointly with developer, contractor
and community.
Lou reminded the Committee that it is our goal to engage the design team so that we have more control
over the decision making. He stressed that we should hold our ground on this issue after the developer
is selected.
MS gave a quick update on LaCite. As of this morning LaCite had not closed on financing for Phase I. And
as of this morning a date for closing has not been established. A major portion of the next meeting will
be dedicated to the future of LaCite.
The Committee moved to select the developer. Discussion centered on three developers- French
Company, Telesis, Enterprise Homes/Unity Properties. Jamie introduced the discussion. He suggested
that we work to reach a consensus on the selection. Discussions went on for an extended period.
By consensus, the Committee decided to ask Enterprise Homes/Unity Properties to be the developer of
the 100 houses.
Michael Mellet discussed the Preservation Committee’s historic designation signage for the five
communities that are on the national historic register.
Diana reported that works continues on the writing of the tenants’ rights pamphlet.
The Chair asked for adjournment at 9:15 PM.