Donnell Nance

David McGill

Quinton Batts (MICA)

Laura Dykes

Patty Hogan

Bill Marker

Liberty Henderson

Howard Hughes

Paulette Carroll

Meghan Cardoso

Vilde Ulset (MICA)

Edith Gilliard Canty

Diana Geis

Dotie Page

Jane Mayrer

Bif Browning

Scott Kashnow

Phoenix Harlee

MICA Community Art Presentation

MICA Center for Social Design presented Made You Look–a Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Project. Started by talking to children in residents around MICA and in Reservoir Hill on their big research question: how can we ensure that pedestrians and bicyclists are safe and protected? Developed a range of interventions:

  1. Reflective Streetwear
    1. Came from talking to community members about visibility. Wanted to connect with young people. Tested the reflective streetwear with kids, were able to develop on reflective wear they would want to wear–created a line of clothing.
    2. Underline–improved, decorative lighting in areas that are not very well lit (such as I-83 underpass). Project has been funded through the Central Baltimore Partnership
    3. Bright Lanes–painted crosswalks and sidewalks and installed flex posts
    4. Created DIY Toolkit to create an Art in the Right of Way Toolkit. Launching next week and holding workshops in spring to provide guidance on the process of doing DIY traffic calming
      1. Donnell asked about the pricing–is it for a particular size of crosswalk? Does depend on size, requires more paint for more crosswalks
      2. David would like to see artistic elements incorporated into traffic calming designs 
      3. Bill asked about Complete Streets and its role in the work that they’ve been doing, also suggested encouraging incorporating lights into the reflective streetwear 
      4. Dotie asked if the neighborhood grant program would support it? Yes
      5. Bif suggested that each neighborhood do their mapping, Q and Vilde are happy to do presentations to neighborhood associations to share how to map the areas
      6. Contact information--vulset@mica.edu, qbatts@mica.edu 


Fremont Ave Project

UMB has a project planned to have Fremont St opened to MLK Blvd. Project will be discussed at upcoming neighborhood association meetings. Donnell’s goal is to take suggestions back to UMB about the planned proposal. Committee discussed concerns about the project as well as suggestions 


  • Pushing traffic into the neighborhoods
  • No stoplight at Fremont and W Baltimore
  • Removal of parking
  • Will interrupt the walking/biking path and make it more dangerous
  • Lack of planning for what will happen with the bus stops
  • Would turn an existing green space into a traffic island
  • Circulator bus also uses the existing route
  • How will emergency vehicles get through traffic


  • Turning Fayette St 2 way
  • Add a traffic light
  • Add a bridge
  • Would need protection for the house on the corner

Goal tonight would be to get the conversation started so the Committee can make recommendations. 


Laura suggested that Committee members attend the Hollins Roundhouse meeting where they will be discussing the project. Bill suggested meeting at the amphitheater at the intersection.

Committee discussed a bridge over MLK as well as converting Fayette St to two way


Neighborhoods will discuss the project and share their decisions and concerns, and then will share at the April Vibrant Streets Meeting where UMB will be presenting. 


Phoenix asked about getting speed humps (especially on Saratoga and Vine streets)–she would be interested in joining the traffic calming subcommittee.


Howard asked if the SWP could raise money to get speed cameras by the schools, and get some of the revenue from the cameras. Elizabeth will ask if that’s a possibility.


South Baltimore Gateway Partnership Application

Committee approved SWP applying for the Carey St Underpass lighting project for the South Baltimore Gateway Partnership’s spring grant round.


BRNI/CORE Projects

-Small Neighborhood Grants

-Traffic Calming

-Wayfinding Signs

-Carey St Underpass

-Pedestrian Lighting

-Franklin Square Comfort Station Renovation

-Friends of Carroll Park projects


-football posts


If anyone is interested in helping with budgeting and project design for any of these projects please let Elizabeth know.


Streetscaping Charrette

April 10th from 11am-1pm


Community Cleanups

Donnell asked that Committee members come up with low budget community clean ups activities for the spring, potentially moving Best Block in the West to the Fall.


Subcommittee Updates

Bikes: looked at proposed bike facilities–have talked to a lot of people but have find DOT the hardest to communicate with. Would like to have feedback from the Committee–would like to send out a survey on bike activity in the neighborhoods as well as opinions on biking. Elizabeth will help put together a survey.


Wayfinding signs: Pigtown Design Committee will be to have a streetscaping meeting on April 17th–have raised funding for the design and installation.


Franklin Square Comfort Station: will have an upcoming visit from the City to find out what is needed to get the comfort station up and running


Trees: working on removing tree stumps


Paulette: would like to do a fundraiser for traffic lights on Fayette and Poppleton–will put her in touch with Lou Packett the SWP’s fund development chair.


Laura: Public Art meeting 4pm on April 1st



SWP Board extended kudos to the Vibrant Streets Committee


Livable Streets Coalition has been formed, lead by Robbyn Lewis–there’s synergy between the work of the Committees


UMB CEC is doing horseback riding for kids 10 and up–4 week program