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Department of Labor Presentation

Anthony Roberts is with the Maryland Department of Labor and oversees the grant funding that has been awarded to Maryland to address the opioid crisis.

One pot is the OWIF, to apply for funding for innovative projects that address the opioid crisis. There has been a great deal of success in the OWIF grantees—training in peer recovery specialists, construction fields, have seen policy being changed around individuals who have tested positive for substance use—instead of being kicked out of programming they are being referred to additional services. The funding has provided flexibility for individuals impacted by the crisis to continue their career work.

Have applied for additional funding, and should know whether the funding has been received in the next few months. Instead of applying to state would apply to MOED or other local workforce development agency. MOED would bid out contracts.

At the state level the Department of Labor is looking at two other funding streams and can apply to Maryland Labor to fund their innovative projects.

One of the goals of the OWIF funding was for organizations to be innovative in their work and for workforce development and behavioral health programs to partner.

If organizations are interested in accessing this funding they should think seriously about developing partnerships between workforce development and behavioral health programming.

Local behavioral health administrations are aware of OWIF funding, but need to be connected to workforce development providers.

Participants don’t necessarily need to be in active recovery, but could also be impacted in other ways by the crisis.

Funding can help fund outpatient treatment, supportive services (transportation), childcare beyond what Department of Human Services covers

Anthony’s contact information: Anthony.roberts@maryland.gov


Sherman: Futech received an order from a government agency to get involved in Covid-19 work. Will be sent a job description and will be hiring in the next week or so

NPower: NPower is having remote operations and virtual instruction nationwide, still recruiting for next class, want to be connected with young people with an interest in tech, having zoom information sessions with young people to share with them the ways in which the current time is an opportunity for the tech field. Women in Tech recruitment session has been canceled, will be holding a virtual event (probably) as a make up.

Civic Works: have been working with job quality initiative to collect any types of resources that can support small businesses—will be continuing to update list of resources available on Civic Works Business Works website. https://goodbusinessworksbaltimore.com/news/

UMMC: Giving Away Lunches starting tomorrow at five sites for the next four weekends. Will provide lunch and a bag of fruit.

UMB: St Agnes in SWP anchor referral program, online referral program has been updated, so folks can be referred to St Agnes, also includes their contractor touchpoint for food service and housekeeping.

All resources can be sent to: Workforceroundtable@swpbal.org