Kristine Balasz

Ivan Leshinsky

Khandra Sears

Richard Parker

Committee reviewed activities that could advance performance measures determined by the SWP. 

Support for people taking GED classes? (financial or volunteer support)

  • Work with Clay Pots to find volunteers for classes?
  • Send instructor from South Baltimore Learning Center?
  • Funding to pay people a stipend to attend a training or GED program?
  • Shared resource guide?
  • Shared career week, workforce development activities at career days
    • Connect with community school coordinators (Kristine and Ivan and Felecia)
  • Connection with wage advocacy campaigns?
  • Outreach–through the SWP offices
  • Community outreach fair–Mount Clare Junction, twice a year
  • Connect commercial development committee with high schools (Excel and Vivien T), Thread
  • Committee ask for notice to get folks hired at upcoming anchor projects


Southwest Works Update

Have seen 46 people since September, and 20 have been employed.

OWIF grant, which funds SW Works, expires end of May, looking into other funding options

Will be providing a free training program for Peer Recovery Counselors.