Sandra Matier (DOT)

Daniel Rodenburg

John Jones

Christopher Redwood

Edith Gilliard Canty

Patricia Hogan

Robert Meyer

Thomas Hams

Cary Blake (DOT)

Wanda Perry

Donnell Nance

Laura Dykes

Diana Geis

Pedestrian Lighting

When Martin O’Malley was mayor, funding was allocated for pedestrian lighting, but that money has been cut, so DOT no longer has their own dedicated funding for pedestrian lighting. So when pedestrian lighting is requested now it is on the requesting organization to fund the lighting.

Pedestrian lighting is used as supplemental lighting in commercial areas of the city. It is installed during DOT streetscaping projects.

DOT no longer pursues pedestrian lighting projects on their own merits.


When lighting inspectors are doing inspectors they measure how light the street is, rather than footways and sidewalks. Unfortunately, DOT doesn’t have a directive to address the this, as the current lights still have debt on them so they won’t be replaced. 


Trimming trees under falls under the Forestry Division, so DOT cannot ensure that trees are trimmed when they install new lights.


SWP had previously asked for pedestrian lighting along the Carey St corridor, DOT looked at where they have the existing capacity to add lights as well as the pedestrian area.


Cary suggests changing the first generation LED lights that are currently in place with the newer ones that would improve the lighting situation, and the request should come in partnership with the police department in the interest of public safety.


DOT likes to focus pedestrian lighting where there is high foot traffic and suggests the Mount Clare shopping center–they get complaints when pedestrian lighting is added in residential areas.


Thomas asked about the details of the specifications that were used to determine that the lights meet the standards. DOT adhere to national standards (IES RP 2000), Cary can share the design guide with Tony/Elizabeth to send to everyone. 


Donnell asked who has the authority to change the type of lights in a neighborhood–DOT would

Sandra suggested applying



What projects would the Committee would like the SWP to apply for during the upcoming BRNI/CORE grant round?

  • Small neighborhood grants
  • The Carey St pedestrian lighting
  • Public wifi


Small Neighborhood Grants

The Committee adjusted the requirements and the grants will be open April 1st, with a tentative due date of May 18th. The due date will be flexible depending on what’s going on.


Clean Block Competition

The Committee decided to try and push the competition back to the fall.