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Clair Minson

Seedco (Arnold Gamble) is a new program in the area and is willing to present at an upcoming workforce roundtable meeting.


Clair Minson: Workforce Strategist at Associated Black Charities. Associated Black Charities is committed to closing the wealth gap and changing the economy for people of color. Clair’s work focuses on the workforce world–she has found that workforce development programs and providers were not having conversations on the impact of race and racism on their work and their clients. Has developed an Equity Community of Practice which meets quarterly and looks at the impact of racism, racial equity, barriers to equality and what can be done to change them–both how workforce development programs can be more equitable and how they can prepare clients for an inequitable work world.


Each session has 30-45 minute presentation and time for peer learning. Associated Black Charities has put out a ‘10 Essential Questions for Workforce Development’ guide. Goal is to use the information collected during the sessions to advocate for policy change and to build an understanding of larger systemic issues.


The next session is April 5th from 9am-12pm–it is a free session and all are welcome to attend although they are asked to RSVP.


Lisa and Maxine: suggested having a session specifically for HR staff and recruiters, as well as trainings for those going into the healthcare professions.


Lisa: is there a course job seekers can participate in?

Clair: yes, putting together a session for those entering predominately white professions/professional environments on how to navigate that.


ABC also has an RFP out for national workforce development programs who want to be involved in this work. ABC offers a 5 week pipeline for professionals of color interested in serving on non-profit boards, as well as a $25-$35 per session professional development sessions.


The Workforce Roundtable is interested in figuring out how to support racial equity work as a group–we will put it on the calendar for a future meeting.


Community Resource Fair: planned for May 4th. Still in need of lawyers to provide expungement services. Arnold suggested the Homeless Persons Representation Project. Elizabeth will re-send out the vendor registration form.



NPower: next class being offered is in cyber security

SeedCo- has a Bridge2Careers program for 18-25 year olds in three industries

Bon Secours: FutureBaltimore Partnership has a new CNA/GNA training cohort with 19 students

JOTF: Caryn York was invited to testify before Congress

Maxine: UMMC is having a job fair at Lexington Market, need vendors

UMB Community Engagement Center: Having info sessions for surgical support techs and Catalyte (IT training)