Dan Rodenburg

JR Lee

Scott Kashnow


DPW- Less Waste, Better Baltimore Focus Group

Dan participated in the Less Waster, Better Baltimore Focus Group. City dump will be at capacity in 2023. City has a mandate to get to 32% recycling rate, currently at 24%. Need to figure out how to make people in the city recycle.

  • Suggestions: free recycling bins, regular pickups, sorting that works, doing things with the plastic, invest in street infrastructure
  • Committee would want to reach out to DPW and ask to be the pilot program
  • Price out the cost of getting everyone a recycling can ($960,000)


Project Updates

Clean Block Competition

Start publicizing, Dan Rodenburg will get flyers and take to the neighborhood association meetings

Community Grants

Due Monday submit your grant its due April 1st


Public Safety Committee Lighting Survey

What needs to be done:

  • Email to association presidents asking for hot spots in their neighborhoods, send two follow up emails (staff)
    • Dan will come to association meetings and follow up
  • Dan will follow up with Davin on getting the data from the neighborhood walks as part of the Poe Planning Process
  • Put in a letter to the city
  • Put out posts on social media
    • Curtis will put out the posts on facebook
    • Dan and Scott will put out posts on nextdoor
  • Will be put together at the April Public Safety Meeting


Updates and Announcements