Public Safety Committee

Southwest Partnership

March 27, 2019



Approval of Minutes  – Tony first, Dan seconded


  • BPD
    • Nothing major regarding crime
    • Looking vendors to run focus groups to facilitate a Community engagement implementation board
    • Consent Decree Newsletter
    • Shared information about zero traffic deaths
      • How do you deal with jaywalking? – Will cite if we see them, but issue of staffing
    • Starting Neighborhood/Crime Watch – online submission anonymous — be as descriptive as possible, where they are and what they are doing
  • UMB
    • Discussion of securing BioPark Gateway development site
  • Neighborhood
    • Baltimore St
      • Discussion of positive activity on 1100 block of Baltimore clearing corners
      • Discussion of tent and bbq near Dan’s Deli
      • Discussion of establishing private security system of business/property owners on Baltimore St.
    • Alley Gates – working on gate fabrication and signs

Old Business

New Business

  • Thomas Hams motioned to request a light survey done to assess where additional pedestrian lights are neededmotioned passed
    • Public Safety is requesting neighborhood input into street lighting survey to improve and add lighting where needed.

Motion to adjourn – Tony first & Thomas seconded