Diana Geis, Robert Meyer, Kim Lane, Tony Scott, Jon Law, Kelleigh Eastman, Christina Engerman, George Kleb, Heather Kangas, Sonia Eaddy, Mark Matthews, Suzanne Welch, Nancy McCormick, Milan Griffin, Leila Kohler-Frueh, Roland Roberts


Review of February Minutes


  • Motion to accept Nancy, Seconded Suzanne Welch


Guest Speakers

  • HomeFree USA – Homeownership Counseling
    • Help first-time homebuyers find incentives
    • Provide class/hours need to qualify
    • Credit help
    • Help for savings
    • Step-by-step through mortgage lender
      • Free classes coming up
    • Q&A:
      • How long is certificate good for? 12 months
      • Do you connect with mortgage lenders? Yes.
      • April 1st next homeownership; first Thursdays are free classes; third Saturdays $99
      • For more information: https://www.homefreeusa.org/baltimoreevent
  • Urban Container Living, LLC – Mark Matthews
    • Shipping containers are versatile
      • Waterproof, vermin proof, hurricane-resisted
      • Can be used for:
        • Homelessness, commercial real estate, residential
    • Why Baltimore?
      • Glut of vacant lots
      • Need for employment and training
        • Especially for reentry
      • Supply of product (shipping containers not being shipped back)
    • Model in Mt Clare
      • 20 ft and 40 ft.
      • 318 S Stricker; $70k price point, $17-30/sq ft
    • Q&A:
      • Will have basement? No
      • Façade will blend in? Yes, no steel or metal, but will be clad
      • When will be complete? Talked to zoning and planning. 3 months to complete.


  • Aging in Place subcommittee report – N/A
  • Receivership subcommittee report
      • City takes owner to court → Court appoints a Receiver to take possession (not ownership) for the Receiver to:
        • Demolish
        • Auction off or
        • Rehab themselves
      • One House at a Time is the current preferred receiver for residential in Baltimore City
      • Proposal: Southwest Partnership (SWP) be named a receiver in certain situations (not for auctions or demo, but for renovation)
        • SWP has a relationship with Civil Justice nonprofit law firm to assist with receivership should SWP become a Receiver
        • Properties selected would follow similar neighborhood review process, and concur with HCD on those properties
        • SWP would vet developers, developers would rehab property and sell either to previous owner (legal right of first refusal) or new homeowner.


  • Diana makes motion to allow SWP to become a receiver given this scenario: Kim Lane first and Sonia Eaddy seconds


        • How can deal with overhead? Only time spent on Receivership work can be recouped according to courts.
        • Clarify 90-day requirement: Within 30 days, developer applies for permits and within 90 days from permit they can complete house.
        • Where is funding coming from to do this work? Can borrow it, or go to foundation/State/City and ask for pilot support.
        • Must be careful that we don’t get stuck with property where we cannot recoup expenses.
        • LLC: Will be using an LLC as receiver to protect the SWP Board, then sell membership to contractor, developer
        • Are these existing properties in pipeline? How are they identified? SWP identifies, court appoints SWP for identified


  • Diana: All in favor – unanimous → Motion passed and will go to SWP Board for final approval.


    • Receivership Subcommittee next steps:
      • Meet with attorneys – show that neighborhoods are behind it
      • Come up with list of properties
      • New members: Heather Kangas, support from Kim Lane
  • Tax sale update
    • March 2nd had a workshop to update folks on where we are and where we are going
    • Now accepting applications
    • Still negotiating with City over properties that don’t qualify for lien reduction, but liens are still too high.
    • Q&A:
      • Is there any resource for people who need help redeeming their properties? — St. Ambrose & MD Volunteer Lawyers provide legal aid to those who need help redeeming their properties
  • Poe Homes planning grant process update – N/A
  • Live Near Your Work – UM
    • Met with UM and one of suggestions was to identify potentially rehabbed properties in advance
  • Live Baltimore Trolley Tour – May 11 (8am-1pm)
    • Each of neighborhood to have a brochure
  • La Cite – Center West –N/A

Old Business

New Business

Motion to adjourn: Heather first, Tony second