Nicole King

Betsey Waters

Talia Singer

Scott Kashnow

Michael Mellett

Dan Rodenburg

Kimberly Sheridan

Elizabeth Weber


Professor King has an American Studies class from UMBC at the Lion Brothers Building who are learning skills in historic research. They are concentrating on the 1500-1100 blocks of W Baltimore St and are partnering with a media and communication studies class to do video interviews.


They will be holding an event May 17th or 19th and hope to get community members out to learn more about what they have been finding out. They will send drafts of their work out to the community/committee to review. The class has identified a theme–there has been a rebellious tradition along W Baltimore St.


Dan Rodenburg suggested doing before/after photo comparisons of the buildings they are looking at.


Please email Dr King with suggestions for buildings to look at–she will ask Curtis to add to social media.


Talia Singer: local artist putting together a concept of a historic walking tour map to be printed for the area. She is looking at doing a more pictorial style–the committee liked her work and discussed formatting, positioning, etc. Talia will provide a sample budget to be included with the grant. The committee also liked the idea of included stickers and decals in the grant.


Lord Baltimore Theater: Stabilization and remediation work is proceeding. Asbestos has been remediated and the they are currently uncovering materials from the original construction–can see original arches and windows, mosaic floor in lobby, bathrooms with old tile, and advertising painted on the wall. The seats unfortunately couldn’t be saved.


The floor in the theater is wood on top of oyster shells and dirt and the stage is back to its original construction.


The interior stabilization is 60-70% completed and then they will be able to begin work on the front. The project is ahead of schedule and expect to be finished with stabilization in mid-May. The committee is very interested in going inside the building.



Phil Hildebrandt’s court date for receivership for his properties has been pushed back. The SWP is supporting him and encouraging him to work through the process.

The city is working with the community to stabilize 323 N Fulton Ave so that 325 N Fulton Ave can be developed, preserving the Franklin Square history mural.

CHAP has approved demolition for 1135 Hollins St which was damaged by fire, as well as a garage on Stockton St. Construction has been approved for 1101-1105 Hollins St (new construction townhomes). Rehab work is being done on 1211 Holins St.