Southwest Partnership-Workforce Development Committee

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

1. Greetings/Introductions
2. Updates from SWP Workforce Roundtable
a. MD New Directions-April 12 th is hosting an employment fair at the Employment
Connections Center 9-1pm (M&T, Hopkins, Horshoe, Second Chane)
b. March 21 st -University of MD BioPark (NPower) networking event, current class and
community partners, open to the general public. Kiwan can send out more info. 530-
c. Bon Secours-April 6 th Health Care Career Fair (War Memorial)-Lisa Rawlings has a flyer
for this. 10-12pm(only for graduates) 12-2pm (for the community)
d. April 19 th -PACE program (Skills and Job Training Fair)- it’s for section 8 housing residents-
Pleasantville Gardens-would like to get encourage them to do something on Westside.
They’re events are always at that location
e. Back on Our Feet-March 16 th – Celebratory Run-5 year Anniversary and celebrating their
new site
Other updates/events:
Curtis-Housing Fair- Live Near your Work Program, folks looking to sell or buy a home, 60 homes
available. 11:30am for UMB employees and there will be a tour. 12-4pm is open to the public.
It’s an opportunity for committees to be there and we need volunteers from the committee.
March 25 th
Ivan-Education Committee- If there are things the workforce committee needs support with, the
education committee can help with. What the easiest way to get info to them (Lisa)? Lisa
Rawlings would like to the Education Committee to do outreach for the Workforce Committee-
LaShawna is working on a flyer and can send it by the end of the week so they can give info to
the schools.
Curits-Light City Baltimore-April 6 th Hollins Market and Pigtown are involved this year.
Committees are invited on April 6 th -6pm-11pm. There could be volunteers to come in and out.
Register your committee. April 6 th -Stories from Sowebo is the theme. The grid is looking for
entrepreneurs for their panel. And they are looking for artists panel too. There will be a silent
disco inside of the market. Puppet show at Black Cherry Puppet Theater. There will be laser tag
for teenagers/youth if you know youth available. April 7 th -8 th will be in Pigtown. Art walk/exhibit
on 7 th . And businesses open on the 8 th & 9 th .
Lisa Rawlings update-Gathering data about clients we all work with. We will be collecting this
info from partners and a survey will be developed as well. We are available to do work with
your community members. We have a list of training programs that are available that have been
vetted by the Roundtable-if you know a community member who would like this information
that is available and on their website. There are new training programs at the Biopark

(electrician pre-apprenticeship program-Virginia Grant leads this-she has her own nonprofit).
There is also GRACE, which is a separate training program (adult programming).
Lou-Trying to make all schools community schools in the SWP area. Their model is different
because their emphasis is that schools should be able to transform their communities. All of the
committees have the potential to have a space in the schools on an ongoing basis. Workforce
Development is critical to that. Thinking through how on a regular basis we make connections
with folks in the schools. We need to start thinking about that now. Starting in September there
will be 3 interns from SWCOS working with community schools. There will be a community
school coordinator at Franklin Sq. next school year. We need to work together in this effort.
Caryn wants to add something to the meetings moving forward-she has experience in policy.
There are a number of bills she wanted us to know about coming up in Annapolis-handed out
list. A lot of them are education and workforce based. Expungement is so important and current
law is very restrictive and now these bills are addressing that. Child Support bill-more research
and awareness for the Payment Incentive Program (PIP). She will share policy related
information at each meeting.
April All-Night Community Resource Fair
– Spun out of a Baltimore Ceasefire Event (JOFT and Out for Justice has been holding these all
night fairs 6pm-6am). It hasn’t been done in Southwest Baltimore. Brings resources to folks
– April 28 th it will be hosted
– March: Outreach-ideas: community clean-up and use it as a way to engage residents. We
should support the one in Union Square. Opportunities between now and the event to do

 March 28 th -Church of the Nativity is doing a big community clean-up
 March 31-Franklin Square
 March 24 th -Mt. Clare clean-up & Union square
 Khandra-will put in newsletters, but lots of people go to the neighborhood
 Monday Evening first Monday of the month-Union Square community
meeting. Come out and speak
 Earth Day Clean up?? Pigtown?
 CEC-community lunches once a month
 Flyers to schools
 CURE scholars program-can get info out this way too (Charles)
 Churches?? Lou has contacts with all the churches-45 churches in the SW
 Spark & Paul’s Place & Claypots & New Beginnings & Library
 Education Committee-Brings Redline exhibit to the biopark, date will be
finalized by the end of the week (promoting both because this will be earlier
in the day)
 Light City April 6 th
 Acoustic Soul-could play at resource fair (Charles)

– What is the committee’s role for the day of this event?
o Ellen-can take a shift for Goodwill and bring a coworker 6-9pm: will come up with a
workforce thing to do on the spot
o Duke Alumni-it’s their week of service so they are going to get them to do resume
review and mock interviews
o Workforce Roundtable-RSVP process-possibly a link-can ask folks to tell them about
themselves (what services they are interested in? info about their case) compiling
info as part of registration. If they aren’t pre-registered we can ask as part of this
welcome process. Roundtable members are working on this now.
o Lou-volunteers for the day from his church contacts?
o Thread-volunteer (Lou is connected)-high schoolers and adults
o Recovery Network-Ivan is connected potentially for volunteers who need service
hours (Ivan will ask if this would benefit them)
o Benroy-fraternity brothers can volunteer
– Logistics: Committee within this committee-Who Would serve? Kiwan, Khandra, Charles,
Lisa, Christine, Caryn
o Confirm high-speed wifi
o Laptops and printers
o Tables and Chairs
o Permitting
o Electricity
o Street Blocking
o Children’s area (kids zone)-Charles’s band can support with this. Creative Place-
makers is another option (Josh)
o There is a spreadsheet of past recipients-who will contact who
– Is there a budget? SWP has no money. JOTF can pay for this