Southwest Partnership

Vibrant and Walkable Streets

March 22nd 2018



Diana Geis

Dan Rodenburg

Christine Verdin

Dotie Page

Bif Browning

JR Lee


Community CleanUps

Christine shared the flyer, have been coordinating with the local schools for volunteers.

Catering has been organized for the first clean up. Trying to get the media out for the Hollins/Union Square Clean Up. Diana will work on getting Barre Circle involved in the clean up.


Anti-Littering Campaign

Curtis shared the drafts of the anti-littering campaign with the Committee and asked for feedback for the design. He collected the feedback to share with the artist.


ESPN Vacant Lot Grant Opportunity

Upcoming grant opportunity. The Committee discussed possible projects. JR suggested a playing field in Modell Park. There is a question about whether the space is eligible as its owned by the city. The Planning Department has suggested a park project in Franklin Square and well as the B&O Railroad Corridor. Ms Dotie suggested the Pop!Farm. Diana would like the space to be close to a school. Elizabeth will follow up with the neighborhoods and with the Planning Department for feedback and input. The Committee would like to prioritize the park in Franklin Square.


Small Neighborhood Grants

Grant Workshop: March 29th 5:30-6:30pm. Individual questions should be brought to the workshop.

The Committee discussed how to handle conflicts of interest in reviewing the applications. Dan suggested having an independent monitor, Diana suggested having an independent committee.

The Committee is not concerned about conflicts of interest. Elizabeth will see if Nick from Department of Housing and Community Development will be able to attend.



Dan provided information about a planning presentation he attended where student urban planners shared proposed designs for the B&O Railroad Corridor.


Dan would like to move forward with improvements for the Arlington St Corridor.


Transportation 101 Workshop is a free learning opportunity available for community members. Elizabeth will email out the information to the Committee.