Southwest Partnership

Historic Preservation Committee

March 19 2018

6pm St Luke’s Church


Betsey Waters

Scott Kashnow

Jane Mayrer

Elizabeth Weber

Dan Rodenburg

Michael Mellett

Previous Meeting Minutes

The Committee reviewed minutes from last month and offered corrections which were made to the minutes. The updated minutes will be uploaded to the SWP website.

CHAP Update

Dan Rodenburg provided updates on development in the CHAP District.

The owners of 1 N. Carey St have missed deadlines offered by the CHAP Commission to appear before them for work that they were doing on the building. There is currently a stop work order on the property. The Committee discussed the difficulties of enforcing CHAP regulations.

Illegal work had been done on 1121 W Baltimore St, and there is a hearing scheduled for April 3rd a new convenience store in the building. The Committee is confused about why the block has not yet been demolished and will request more information from the city about this block and the 1600 block of W Baltimore St. They will send a letter to the Department of Housing and Community Development asking why this approved, previously scheduled work has not been done. Scott will draft a letter. Michael Seipp will provide the facts of what is happening with the 1100 block of W Baltimore St.

1502 W Baltimore St is being rehabilitated and there is a pile of construction material behind the Malachi Mills House. It will need to be secured through the alley gating program before it can be cleaned.

Project Updates

  • Malachi Mills

The SWP is making movement towards acquiring the property. There is a Board of Estimates hearing next Wednesday that will release the building from the liens that were on buildings that were previously owned by the same owner. The SWP could have complete ownership in 3-6 months. The developers working on 1500 block of W Baltimore St have agreed to partner with the SWP on the project on the needed construction work as appropriate. There will be a need for additional space for a museum.

Michael Mellett will reach back out to the Reginald F Lewis Museum and look into acquiring the neighboring property.

Jane will put together the historical material around the family and the house. Elizabeth will share previously collected materials and contact Dr Mary Ellen Hayward about the costs of having her involved in collecting and sharing the building and the family’s history.

  • Historic Signs

The Committee did not receive applied for grant funding. The SWP’s Small Neighborhood Grants program could be a potential source of funding, however, there are many projects that the neighborhoods would like to see implemented. Franklin Square will submit an application for the sign project. We need more applications submitted than there is funding available so there is an opportunity to submit applications for multiple projects which the sign project can be included in. The Committee will create a template to assist the neighborhoods in applying.

  • 325 N Fulton

The owner is interested in selling it for $5000. It is a historic structure and has the Franklin Square Mural on the side. Scott has about two weeks to make a decision. 323 N Fulton is in bad shape, and there may be liens on the property. Scott will need to talk to Michael Seipp about the project. It will be important to ensure that the vacant lots bordering the house will not be developed.

  • Alley Gating Design Review

The Public Safety Committee is putting up alley gates. The Committee agreed that the work previously done fits with the character of the neighborhood. There will be gates throughout the neighborhood. The design has been submitted to CHAP for general approval.

  • Small Neighborhood Grants

Betsey suggested fixing up the bricks in front of the Mencken House as a project for the grant.


Dan Rodenburg would like to request that the SWP request that a developer who had damaged historic properties not be allowed to acquire any more properties. The Committee is in favor of making this request of the city and also requesting that he not receive any more permits. Dan and Betsey will put the facts together into a letter and consult with the relevant neighborhood associations and with SWP staff.

Next Meeting

St Luke’s Episcopal Church, May meeting at Irish Railroad Workers until October, November-April at St Luke’s.