Meeting called to order at 7:13
Sylva Lin
Bif Browning
Jane Buccheri
Lou Packett
Marissa McDonald
Eugene Balbierz
Katherine Hirsch
War Horse – Ana Castro (JRS Architects), Jim Mills
Michael Seipp
Rich Shores
Michael Cavanaugh
Joy Diordaiyo
Aquilina Faginhs
Karl Hubig
Troy Wilson

Review of minutes – amendments/corrections were suggested. Selena moved to
approve minutes, Bif second. Minutes approved.
War Horse Presentation
Overall plan for properties surrounding market:
Continuing discussion with community and update on where they are with the
process. Been engaged in vision planning process to see how to stitch the
neighborhoods together. Public and personal safety priority. Displayed proposed
concept plan. Referring to parking lot across from market as Hollins Square.
Thinking of bringing Summer Sounds at Belvedere Square type concept to Hollins.
Parking lot is part of term so thinking about how to take it back as part of
community. Gating residential alleys at Carrolton to minimize traffic in them. Will
be asking community what type of programming they want. Temporary plantings,
art and benches in alleys (concept). Warehouse at 9 S. Carlton looking to do work to
stabilize that building and discuss with community how to build commercial space.
How to show to local entrepreneurs, biopark spinoff businesses? Starting to ramp
up conversations about who can be tenants in properties around the market. Also
focused on residential side – clarified that they are not trying to rebrand Hollins
Market but they are simply calling their residential side Hollins Square Homes.
Update on plans for market
The term sheet only applies to shed but would like to see a phase 3 with head house.
Timeline – engaged through design/development. Ana has taken what was
presented to city and developed drawings for pricing with contractors. With pricing

will go back to city to get terms on budget. City has committed $500K at this time.
Hope to be under construction this fall and have the market open by June 2019.
Ana – completed field verifications (no existing drawings), has to be completely
renovated with electrical and mechanical upgrades. Trying to plan for the future of
the head house so including necessary upgrades. Proposed site plan shows
reorientation of one of the market entrances with the option to close of the N side of
Hollins St. Proposing to take 6 parking spaces to open up sidewalk. Part of the
challenge is needing new mechanical system. One will recess into existing bump out.
Pretty much keeping the scale. CHAP wants to preserve its relationship to the street
and how it steps down and keep cast iron columns.
Interior layout – without knowing what tenant mix will be, trying to reorganize the
market to have a varied mix. Broken out into variety of stall sizes, same number of
stalls – 4 large stalls with full 3-compartment sinks, lots of smaller stalls. If everyone
wants to come back they can do that and accommodate new vendors. Includes
multiple seating areas, one at each end of the market. Reduced number of cross
aisles to prevent cross through traffic and increase efficiency. Setup will be flexible
to accommodate the diversity that was asked for at last community meeting.
JB asked about parking. Jim – want the lot to be co-used so you don’t give up market
SL asked about zipcar location being removed. Jim – doesn’t know why that
happened but would like to get it back along with bike share.
JR asked about where current vendors will go. Jim – just starting that conversation
with the city and are optimistic that they can figure it out.
Asked about larger community meetings. Jim – will do what they can in private
sector market to address crime/drug/safety concerns. Talking with DOT and other
city departments to get them on board with changes.
How much noise pollution or physical pollution will be created by the bump out and
new mechanical systems? Ana – The new system will be cleaner and quieter
Will there be a separate, smaller festival prior to Sowebo festival? – No it would be
like a Friday night thing.
JB said they should be prepared to be confronted about rebranding rumors.
BB asked about hours – will it be open later? Jim – Yes
BB there was discussion of a deck or event space on top. Is that still an option? Ana –
thinks this is tied to what happens to the head house. Having to design a firewall
between the head house and possibly recess the mechanical on top. Everything
they’re doing will not preclude a deck/event space that extends from the head house
from happening.
Façade treatment funds
Update on disbursement – last meeting it was voted on and approved to use the
funds to repoint/wash the brick, redo cornices and possibly redo windows. Voted to
do street landscaping but can’t use funds for that use. One of the buildings on the
block has been sold; hope to convince new owners to put money into renovations.
Current owner of others is amenable to improvements.

BDC match – BDC is willing to use up to $150K for façade improvments
Karl asked if there are stipulations on location of who does the work. Troy – would
like to keep it local.
Discussion about sub-committee on façade improvement grant and next steps to
take in deciding how/where the money gets spent. Karl suggested mailing
businesses over a couple of months to get their attention.
Michael spoke about possible grant applications. State will open application on April
11 and close on May 16. Governor cut BRNI and Community Legacy funds although
there is an attempt by house Democrats to get an increase. $8mil this year, $6mil is
statewide so competition is greater. CORE has not been funded at all this year.
Maggie McIntosh has proposed that $133mil be added to the budget over 5 years to
continue to fund CORE. All of our big awards came out of CORE funding.
Ideas that have been bouncing around in committee are 1) to expand façade
treatment program (should be competitive for this); 2) get a tenant improvement
loan fund established (SDI is having a similar problem with scattered site retail,
Central Baltimore Partnership also has same problem so might make sense to go in
together); 3) street furniture (BDC said no but suggested applying for it in
September); 4) acquisition of properties where owner has no interest in
development (doesn’t think BRNI or Community Legacy have enough money for
Michael thinks projects focused on safety and beautification that improve
connection from UMB to Bon Secours will score highly.
Sowebo festival has a new website – Trying to bring in more
local artists, art supply stores, new sponsors and get it back to its roots. Keep it
Connection for life guards at neighborhood swimming pools.
Mayor coming to Franklin Square on Sunday, April 8 at 4pm to kickoff city’s Rhythm
& Reels
Culinary Architecture is giving away free baseball cookies on opening day May 29 th
Meeting adjourned at 9:04 PM