Southwest Partnership

Historic Preservation Committee

March 20 2017

6pm 918 Lemmon St



Scott Kashnow

Kimberly Sheridan

Robert Meyer

Dan Rodenburg

Michael Mellett

Dotie Page

Van Brown

Bill Adler


Approval of Minutes

The Committee reviewed the minutes from last month.  The Committee approved the minutes.


New Grant Opportunity

The Maryland Historic Trust has a grant opportunity available for African American history for capital projects.

Funding is for $10,000-$100,000

EW reviewed the grant guidelines and requirements. The Committee discussed possible uses for the grant, especially the Malachi Mills house.

Malachi Mills was a free African American carpenter who lived and worked at 1504 W Baltimore St in a still existing wood structure.  The building is in need of support and stabilization. Michael suggested acquiring the neighboring buildings to provide space for programming and meeting space. The SWP will work on acquisition and stabilization, and will work with the community and other partners to develop programming goals and eventually help support the development of a small museum with an independent Board of Directors.


Kim asked if he had any living descendants in the area.

Robert asked who owned the building? We can find out and this is important because finding the  owner is the first step.


Robert Meyer will work on determining ownership and contacting the owner, and Michael and Kim will work on collecting history and background information on Malachi Mills and his family.


Need to think about programming partner and a community engagement process. Michael suggested putting together a five page plan to connect with other organizations in Baltimore. History, ownership, and fleshing out the story will be done by the next meeting. We will share information before the next meeting.


Sign Project: Adding cast iron historic signs in the five neighborhoods that are on the National Register of Historic Places and looking into adding the two that are not (Poppleton and Mount Clare). Three neighborhoods are good to go, and we are continuing to apply for finding. The neighborhood associations should be asked to contribute ($100-$250).

Bill: can find out what it would cost for bigger and smaller signs.

Deconstruction:  Need to follow up with the neighborhood associations on their interest in deconstruction.

Stabilization Funding: Have to figure out how to come up with stabilization funding. The Historic Preservation Committee needs to decide what their priorities are for funding and advocate for that with the larger organization.

Youthworks: Need a project supervisor to work with four students three days a week 9-3. EW has a draft program plan and there needs to be work done by the Committee to prepare the project so that the students will be successful.  Dotie could be the project supervisor and Michael will do the prep work for the project. EW will connect with them both.

Tour of Neighborhood—19th Century Irish neighborhood tour Saturday the 25th.