Southwest Partnership

Commercial Development Meeting Minutes

March 28 2017


Commercial Committee Meeting Minutes 20170328


  • Merchant Access Committee – March 20th, food fair.  There were 150 buyers and just 2 merchants.
  • Pigtown Mainstreet –
    • Hamilton Bank is under contract.
    • Sneaker Boutique has opened.
  • Southwest Partnership Staff –
    • 1500 Block ABaltimore St. – odd side, 2 potential developers
    • 1400 Block of Baltimore St. – potential developer of vacants
    • 1518 Closing – was supposed to close friday, snag has arisen, still haggling
    • War Horse & Hollins Market – as soon as BC makes proposal public War Horse will coordinate meetings for discussions on projects.
    • War Horse & 1200 Hollins block – Working with CHAP commission to get permission to Demo several of the buildings in poor shape, so that redevelopment can happen.
    • 1100 block of Baltimore st. – In court in June… last hearing court stopped demolition to give partners a chance to do work.
    • 1000 block of Baltimore st. (south side) – Robert Carrillo to purchase, had contract to buy, wrinkle with BDC, purchase is up in the air.
    • 1 N Carey st. – St Ambers potentially looking for market rate deal, with about 70 units.   
  • Supporting existing businesses – List of potential grant sources shared:


  • Zoning – Create a plan conducive to development (Commercial and Residential)  Mike mentioned that an urban renewal plan might be an easier way that zoning plan.  This will be looked into. Also, a question of if urban renewal plans were abandoned under transform baltimore was raised.  
    • It was discussed that perhaps the best way to do this would be to get an excity planner or professional on contract, to aid us with planning of how to do this and what to do that would be most effective.
  • Code Enforcement –
    • Brent walked and used 311 app on several properties and followed up with inspectors.  Master List is being created on google drive. If anyone has 311 ID numbers that they want tracked we can add them to the list for regular follow up with housing.
    • No responses from housing inspector on coming to our meeting for discussion.
  • Communication and Coordination –
    • Note to all that south baltimore Gateway plans are out and impact much of southwest partership area.
    • New proposed bus routes – now available , all should review and comment back if they have any questions or concerns…
    • 250K budget for 2018 – suggestions for how to best spend on W. Baltimore street
      • No suggestions offered, people thinking on it.
    • Arlington Greenway – concepts on display in SWP office, concepts only.  New coordinator is getting hired into DOT (pedestrian and bike coordinator)