Southwest Partnership

Safe Vibrant and Walkable Streets Committee Meeting

March 24 2016


801 W Baltimore St


Jerrell Bratcher

Biff Browning

Luis Cardona

Scott Kashnow

Robert Meyer

Tim Randolph (Code Enforcement)

Chris Redwood

Dan Rodenburg

Elizabeth Weber


Project Updates


The table represents the list of what was brainstormed at the past meetings. Carey St is a 2016 focus for this Committee as it connects six of the seven neighborhoods.


At the end of the discussion Scott asked Tim Randolph how Code Enforcement could help–their role is limited, and they react to neighborhood demand. Dumping enforcement depends on the size of the dumping–if it’s criminal level video will work, civil needs to have documentation of the dumpee. We do have a pick up system with DPW picking up trash from reported clean ups along gateway streets. Chris is trying to get in contact with the city officials who work with video code enforcement.


B&O Underpass

One of the major projects is the B&O Bridge Underpass. Scott Kashnow and Lucy Steinitz are managing that project. The Committee had had design work done by the Neighborhood Design Center to serve as a starting point.


Scott and Lucy had met with the B&O to discuss the project. B&O on board with addressing the safety and street issues. They have a bond bill for $200,000 over two years to work on the structure of the bridge, as this money doesn’t cover the total cost of the structural work. There are transportation funds that they can get, but the funds need to go to the city first. With the bond money they can freeze the bridge’s structural deterioration as it is now. Need to have an engineering study done to determine what the scope of work will be. They will share that with the Committee in the summer so they can determine their scope of work.


The B&O’s scope of work won’t cover decorative painting or much of the drainage work that needs to be done. Lighting work wouldn’t be affected by the B&O’s work, and they are ok with a wide range of lighting options. Their major concern is not to have access to the top, but they are open to some sort of artwork on top, but would like it to be seen from both sides of the bridge.


There will need to be an engineering study done around the cut-out park on the south-east side of the bridge, and there will need to be funding for the study. The B&O will make a connection to Century Engineering who is working on the bridge. The park may need to be shortened for safety reasons, but the primary role of the park will be to have a place for historic signage.


Need to follow up for the engineer introduction.


Biff asked about the B&O’s interest in federal historic railroad restoration funding that is available. There would need to be support from the B&O, the city, and the state. The SWP can be the applicant, but would need a letter from the property owner and the city Department of Transportation.


Luis asked about timeline–it will probably need to be at least two years due to all of the elements of the project.


There could be a possibility that some of the area connecting the B&O and Carroll Mansion could fall under CSX’s grant programs.


Also discussed ways to improve the area around the Carroll Mansion. The B&O is very interested in improving the entrance to the Mansion, and will work with the Friends of Carroll Park.


Chris: DOT is asking to meet with stakeholders in the project to discuss it more in depth, and that will probably happen within the next 2-3 weeks. Looking to do the week of April 5th, but that might be too soon. Should bring the potential federal grants.


Southwest Baltimore Charter School Rain Garden

Have a $25,000 grant to install a rain garden in the parking lot of SWBC which is next to the bridge. The utility work is going to slow down the installation of the project. Parks and People was listed as the group that would install the garden but have had staff turnover and asked us to look for another group. Bill Pickens, who had been on the project with Parks and People is willing to do it as a consultant.


Need volunteers in the fall for plantings.


Bike Boulevard Construction

In late June and early July will be the beginning of concern for the loop down Fulton and Carey and along Rt 40. Have added a roundabout at Lombard and Stricker and are looking at moving other roundabouts. Have shifted some speedbumps around and are open to moving more to areas where there are more accidents. Hope by December to have a plan for boulevards connecting W Baltimore, Hollins, and Pigtown Mainstreet. There will be conversations in the community for feedback, and the westside one will be Franklin Square Park–it will also discuss the bike share. They will announce the date.


Chris requested a study of speedbumps on Pratt St, which will be done.


Scott suggested leaning on the project to install bumpouts.


Luis asked about the sidepaths on MLK as an area to target. There has been conversation about that and it is part of the bike plan. DOT needs a match to repair the sidepath ($75,000).

Luis will take on the bike project as he has a lot of experience in bicycling issues.


Firestation Flag

Sent a letter to the owner of the old firestation on Carey St asking if he was still fine with a flag–haven’t heard back yet. Scott will follow up. Bif has a quote–it will cost $85 to have a pre-bought flag embroidered. The design will in some way symbolize the community. Scott also suggested offering to fix up the door and beautifying the front.


Recycling Bins

One of the proposals was to provide recycling bins to the houses along Carey St. It would cost a total of $750. In order to distribute them would need to go out to talk to residents, see if they were interested, and talking about other projects along Carey St. Could offer incentives for recycling–if you recycle in a month could be entered in a raffle.  This would be an opportunity to engage residents along Carey St and share information.


Garden and Beautification Activities around Southwest Baltimore Charter School

When the trees were cleared from the slope around the train tracks behind the school unsavory activities were revealed to the students at the school. Interested in having people work on projects that will shield the area. There is a place to build a hedge of trees. Talked about a number of clean up and landscaping projects. There is a workday planned for April 8th at 1pm. The school and the SWP will recruit the volunteers for the project.


Coordinating Volunteer Clean-Ups

April 10th a fraternity,  and April 30th Comcast, will be going into Carroll Park. April 16th there will be volunteers at the Sunflower Lot. Scott asked about ways to coordinate volunteer clean-ups. Chris suggested NCCC as a resource to provide people.


Butterfly Mural

April 30th is the date to do the next stage of the Butterfly Lot. Don’t need volunteers as there’s not so much space.


Neighbors have asked Union Square/Lots of Art to support the lagoon lot, discussion needs to be had about ways to do that.


Charm City Circus

Has not yet been funded, but would be a great project–was asked to reapply by BOPA but are waiting to hear back.


Neighborhood Surveys

Surveys in uncompleted neighborhoods still need to completed. Elizabeth will send Ms Edith the neighborhood survey forms.


Short Term Projects for the Spring and Summer

Mount Clare is interested in a splash pad in Traci Adkins park–Joseph Tynes is working with the neighborhood association on their projects and in increasing their engagement.


Franklin Square doesn’t have tree plantings schedule, there may be need in Pigtown Chris is coordinating with Sherry Scible. B&O is willing to have work done at the lot on James and Scott. Could do a wildflower bomb in the area. Bif suggested cleaning up the SOWEBO 5K before the race removing the major trash. Baltimore Orchard Project is going to work with Steuart Hill, looking for funding to expand the tree wells a block on Lombard or Pratt. There is a possibility for a dog park on Fulton and Lemmon (which is part of Bon Secours active plan). The houses there are in very bad shape. Union Square wants SVW to get the wooden supports off of the sidewalk as it’s not passable.


Chris: need to start developing budgets for the larger projects.



March 27th Sounds in the Park 5pm Union Square Park

March 26th 2-7pm Hollins Market Design Workshop 1138 Hollins St