Housing Committee

Southwest Partnership

June 11, 2020





Attendees: Lou Packett, Nancy McCormick, Jane Buccheri, Bonnie Bessor (Ex Dir. Rebuilding Together Baltimore), Mackenzie Kisiel [Kiss-el] (Enterprise Community Development), Amber Jones (Enterprise Community Development), Kelleigh Eastman, Ashley Valis, Travis Ridgway, Leila Kohler-Frueh, Bill Marker, Suzanne Welch, Haydon Wyatt, Robert Meyer, Dottie Page, Christina Engerman, Chuck Callahan, Sonia Eaddy            


Review of May Minutes – Nancy, Paulette second



  • Jessi Stevens, Mayor’s Office of Homeless Services – Outreach Plan
    • Presentation followed by Q&A
    • Typical encampment removal:
      • 1-2 months
      • 2-3 times a day for 14 days to offer shelter, mental health, and substance abuse, food/clothing, etc. 
      • Letting them know, with signage and deadline
      • Jessi will put the plan in SWP hands, once services re-open.
  • Travis Ridgeway, Paul’s Place – discussed services offered at Paul’s Place


Old Business

  • Poe Homes Planning – no updates
  • Homeownership Zones – no updates
  • Tax Sale Program – still can’t buy 2019 and submitted 2020 list on Wednesday 6/10/2020


New Business

  • Anyone have updates on La Cite? Do they still need help with occupancy?