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Strengths of the Roundtable is building relationships with partners, please take advantage of this


JOTF Presentation

Nikki Thompson: Senior Policy Advocate for JOTF.

Maryland is one of the few states with a part-time legislature. All legislation must be passed in the 90 days of the session (January-April).


JOTF is one of the few NPOs that can be present every one of the 90 days of the session.

Past legislative sessions (2019) passed ban the box for private employers state wide. (previously in Baltimore City, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, and state applications), was vetoed by the Governor and so will have to override the veto next session. This is a major centerpiece of the JOTF mission.


Passed limiting the amount of time a licensing agency can look into the past when considering licensing applications. Can’t look back further than seven years. If they have a conviction within the 7 year period, won’t be automtaically disqualified unless the conviction has to do directly with their job.


Expanded the College Promise Scholarship–for both for and non credit courses, applies also to apprenticeships. Only for full time students, turns into a loan: if you don’t have a full time job after graduation, if you can’t maintain a GPA, if you move out of state


Next session: trying to expand expungment–eliminating the unit rule. If there’s one thing on the unit of charges that is not expungable nothing can be expunged, working to change that.


Working on ending the suspending driver’s licenses for unpaid fines


Ban the Box: When do employers ask? Statewide won’t be able to ask until the first interview, will continue to be at the conditional offer stage for Baltimore City


Lisa: who voted how in the Baltimore City delegation? Generally can count on the Baltimore City delegation. Del. Mosby and Sen. Carter have been strong advocates, but the delegation as a whole is generally good on these issues when there’s a direct connection to workforce development. Harder when the issue is based on stories (like the unit rule legislation)


What can the Roundtable do organizationally: getting the conversation started with legislators. Can go to legislators before the session begins–have a lot of access to legislators.


JOTF will share policy summary with EW, Lisa would like to vote at the next meeting to support the JOTF policy agenda, will ask the Committee to support it and ask the Board to support it and work on it with the SWP legislators.


Workforce Committee Updates

At the SWP Board meeting Richard presented on the SWP anchor community referral program. Workforce Committee took position that program is not working to its fullest potential because there is no formal mechanism for feedback. Richard will work with anchors to ensure that changes are made.


Richard wants to try to have another resource fair, maybe the 2nd week of October. Richard saw two main issues: location needs to have high foot traffic, and need to have guaranteed legal services as a draw. Looking to partner with a local judge for legal services, and have the event at the Mount Clare Junction. Will definitely move forward once the legal services and location are secured. Lisa urged Richard to consider partnering with Out For Justice.



Southwest Palooza Saturday June 29th 1-5pm Greater Model Park 200 N. Schroeder St


HABC: holding info sessions on construction jobs that are available for upcoming construction jobs, there is a job fair coming up mid-July for construction jobs


Habitat is finishing service term in July–have participants who are looking for construction jobs, recruiting for the next term which begins in September and also have a landscaping component


CFUF: just graduated STRIVE cohort, looking for next STRIVE cohort, also have an upcoming GED class, have an upcoming fatherhood program


Bon Secours: Mens Health Fair on June 29th


JOTF: Break Light Clinic Saturday June 29th at Mondawmin Mall

Elizabeth will send JOTF Palooza flyers


FedEx recruitment will be at the Employment Connection Center on July 24th


Friday June 28th information session for Up to Date Laundry at Pleasentview 201 Asquith St.


Community Engagement Center collaborating with Paul’s Place on a summer resource series–resources for seniors, folks with disabilities, basic services

Please submit workforce resource events to SWP workforce calendar