Dan Rodenburg

Elizabeth Weber

Edith Gilliard Canty

JR Lee

Dotie Page

Baltimore City Bag Bill

Dan would like the SWP to support the Baltimore City Comprehensive Bag Reduction Bill. He will present the bill to the Board and ask them to support the Bill.


Small Neighborhood Grants

A grant was made to the Barre Circle Garden Club as part of the Spring 2019 Grant program. It has been returned and the Committee needs to discuss what to do with it. Options include:

  1. Awarding it to another project in the Barre Circle neighborhood
  2. Award it to the next highest ranking project from the last round
  3. Award it to a project that has been partially funded
  4. Award it to a previously funded project that does not have the funds to complete its project
  5. Hold the money for a future date/wait to make a decision


Dan would like to see the Poppleton project completed

JR would like to see the funding used for around Hollins Market–the grant given for the CUPs Lot Book Boxes could also be used for around Hollins Market


Will grant $1500 to the Poppleton NOW! For the Sarah Ann St project

Will ask Barre Circle for a quote for the restoration work that they would like done in the park before awarding funding for that project


Remaining funding will be held by the Committee for contingencies


Best Block in the West Updates and next Steps


-Document Block Party for the next competition 

Dan wants to review blocks to see if they maintain a certain level, should get an end of year award for maintaining the block–do a follow through award


MLK Blvd Update

Bill Marker has proposed that the SWP take on his MLK Blvds initiative. There is still a lot of confusion about the goals of the initiative. There will be an upcoming opportunity for engagement on streetscape design with upcoming developments, but the time doesn’t seem to be now. Committee will ask Bill to speak with DOT to learn about what their plans are and to provide more information.


Vibrant Streets Vision Plan Goals and Funding

1.2: keep the goal, expected cost $75,000 for Carey

3.2: keep the goal

3.3: and 3.4: combine into one goal

$50,000 in Small Neighborhood Grants funding that doesn’t come with state restrictions

$10,000 for Clean Block Competition 

Funding for streetscaping TBD