Sonia Eaddy, Diana Geis, George Kleb, Leila Kohler-Frueh, Nancy McCormick, Lou Packett, Daniel Rodenberg, Tony Scott, Suzanne Welch, Christina Engerman, Robery Meyer, Sharon Park, Debra Young

Introductions – Icebreaker question: What could SWP do better?

  • Diana: Communication; a lot of good things going on that people do not know about
  • Lou: Getting more community members engaged through communication
  • Susan: promotion; getting more people engaged
  • George: if SWP had more control over where tax dollars go (like property taxes)
  • Nancy: hold SWP events in different neighborhoods every year
  • Christina: cross-neighborhood communication; communicating neighborhood and SWP events on partner communication platforms, like Pigtown Mainstreet’s Facebook page.
  • Sharon: providing a financial platform for small developers; identifying new partnerships and learning from existing ones and leveraging those
  • Robert: SWP needs more visible/tangible communication/branding like trash cans and streetscaping that connects the neighborhoods
  • Sonia: Opportunities to showcase and connect with every neighborhood, where you could also get support from all the neighborhoods


Review of May Minutes

  • One edit: Planning commission approved expansion of non-conforming license for The Backyard, not “rejected” as previously recorded. 
  • Approved with edit: Nancy first to approve motion, George second.


Committee Goals Review

  • Governance committee is updating goals and requested feedback/recommendations from programmatic committees. 
  • Tony read through goals and committee provided feedback.
  • Next Steps: All subgoals reviewed, but Diana & Tony will come up with specific wording for 2.3 or 2.4.



  • Live Baltimore Trolley Tour – Kim Lane e-mailed to say she considered the Live Baltimore Trolley Tour a success.
  • Aging in Place – Jonathan Law has been working on new Mt Clare Senior Center
  • Receivership – June 25 onsite auction scheduled for 17 properties in Mt Clare & Franklin Square
  • Tax sale – have been receiving more applications, but still cannot process anything until City’s financial system back up. 
  • Poe Homes planning – nothing new to report


Old Business

New Business

Meeting Adjourned