Jordan Fleck

Kimberly Sheridan

Betsey Waters

Elizabeth Weber

Scott Kashnow

Who should we invite to join us?

Both new committee members and presenters

Could we invite community members who are interested in history? Invite attendees from the West Baltimore St walk, other events, Jordan has been doing history tours—connecting the presentations to the committee

Kim suggested doing community geneology at community events

There is an interest in learning about the history of the community at community events

Potential Presenters:

  •       Walter Gallas (CHAP)
  •       Baltimore National Heritage Area
  •       Small Museums

Jordan suggested creating a booklet that goes from location to location

Scott suggested thinking about cultural assets and promotion of them as a focus of the committee

Update of priorities as submitted to state grants

Elizabeth reviewed how the SWP board of directors ranked the FY2020 stat revitalization grant applications

Fundraising Committee updates

The governance committee has tasked the program committees with identifying projects and reviewing the goal structure from the original vision plan, and the fundraising committee has also asked for a list of projects that are in need of funding.

Scott will put together a document for the next meeting for the committee will review

Project Updates

  •       Franklin Square Park Renovations: the fountain in Franklin Square has been replaced and there is ongoing park renovations. The fountain installation has been very successful with the community.
  •       1504 W Baltimore St: going to get the debris hauled out so stabilization work can begin, back will be gated soon, received an additional $10,000 grant
  •       Sign: figuring out wording and permission for location for installation. Focusing on Franklin Square sign, up to other neighborhoods to move the project along
  •       Walk Down W Baltimore St: large turnout, had Arabbers out, was a good event
  •       Lord Baltimore Theater: tour of preservation committee still needs to be scheduled, building is in poor shape but there are a number of original features left
  •       Hollins Market Renovation: parking lot has been repaved, city will take over the renovation of the market, and there will be renovation of the exterior of the shed this summer
  •       1420 W Baltimore St: city has been trying to put the property in receivership, owner now has a plan to renovate the whole property (mixed use office space)
  •       1401-1403 W Baltimore St: Phil is not moving forward with the project, will put the property into receivership, SWP is looking into preserving the buildings
  •       Mapping: Jordan brainstorming, focusing on stories rather than geographic area