Southwest Partnership

Workforce Development Committee



Caryn York

Khandra Sears


Ellen Levy

Lou Packett


Ivan Leshinsky



Caryn York was nominated as Chair of the Committee.

The committee voted and Caryn York was elected Chair of the Committee.



Ignite Baltimore: Next event June 28th, Khandra one of the organizers, 16 speakers

Catalyte: connect non-traditional candidates with tech careers

Education Committee meeting tomorrow night VTMAA 7pm

Very successful sports and recreation event held by group Ivan is working with–next meeting Tuesday June 19th 10am at 1138 Hollins St open to anyone who is interested

40 people attended Paul’s Place hiring event, at least 15 offers made, going to hold an event again


October 626 Event Planning

Held all night event April 28th, don’t want it to be a one and done event. Looking to hold the event in October.

Decided to continue to hold the event from 6pm-6am

Decided to hold the event in Franklin Square–idea to hold the event at one of the school’s to have access to indoor and outdoor space.

Services/Vendors to Have at the Event:

  • Focus on legal services (October 1st new set of expungement laws will have taken effect: possession with intent to distribute, burglary, and theft that are 15 years old or older are eligible to be expunged)
  • Want to target educational partners, look at other providers who do work around educational attainment.
  • Should have Child Support there
  • Post-secondary education counselors
  • Benefits Counselors
  • Lou suggested getting students at area high schools involved as volunteers
  • Should engage Bon Secours Community Works
  • Senior services
    • Senior community service employment program
  • Local agencies

Possible dates: October 6-7, 13-14.

Elizabeth will check with the schools on the dates and try to get confirmation scheduled for the next meeting

Lou will connect with Bon Secours and Excel Academy

Ellen will figure out what’s going on with community college tuition

Khandra will connect with Bon Secours

Race and Racism Panel Discussion

The Committee discussed the ongoing series and the format as well as its goals. Want to ensure that community members–especially those of influence–understand the reality of race and racism in America and the ways in which these structural factors shape all aspects of our society.


Unitarian Church might be a good resource to talk about how they organized their conversations on race and racism.


From a workforce development perspective–most useful to education community members and employers on the barriers that make it difficult for folks to obtain and retain employment.


The workforce development conversation will probably be in mid January.


Announcements and Updates

Think about a monthly fun activity for the Committee to do together

Caryn: think about a youth committee or a way for youth to get involved in SWP activities

Train 2 Work open house at UM BioPark 10:30-12