June 2018 Vibrant and Walkable Streets Meeting


Donnell Nance

Edith Gilliard Canty

Dan Rodenburg

Elizabeth Weber

Curtis Eaddy


Anti-Littering Campaign

Curtis presented the designs for the anti-littering campaign. The Committee approved a door hanger design. The Committee liked the idea of yard signs–Curtis and Elizabeth will follow up with Andrea Leahy in Union Square on printing. The Committee discussed poster/sign locations. Donnell suggested printing thin metal signs as more permanent.


The campaign will roll out with door hangers, stickers, posters, and house signs. Posters and house signs will be distributed during fall community clean ups, stickers and door hangers over the summer. Each neighborhood will get posters and yard signs to distribute. The committee discussed the importance of having trash cans on the streets for folks to throw trash away. There will also be presentations at schools for students when school starts again. Donnell can help Mondays and Fridays.


Small Grants Program Update

First round of grants awarded, things have been going well. Barre Circle needs to revamp some of the details of their project–Dan and Elizabeth will review and approve the new scope of work.


Second round of grants will open July 1st. Dan will attend neighborhood association meetings in July, encourage it to be widely publicized beyond usual SWP channels. The application procedure will be the same as last time, and there will be over $40,000 to grant. There is a rubric, publicly available, and anyone who attends the scoring meeting will be able to score the applications.


311 Project Discussion

The Block Captains have a group who have doing 311 reports and collecting data. They will be under the Vibrant and Walkable Streets Committee. There is a question on how we want to leverage their work and 311 reports across the area in general: a way to collect all reports to follow up on them and ensure, potentially through the councilman’s office that they are followed up on and actually resolved.


It might be useful to show folks how to use it. (311 walking tour training).


Permanent signs to promote using 311


311 team can follow up with postings on NextDoor and other social media, and be willing to post for people who don’t want to


Arlington Ave

The city received a grant last year for a design study for the Arlington Ave corridor between Hollins and Washington Blvd. This will be a 30% design. There will need to be a lot of community input on elements of the design. The goal is to make the corridor more pedestrian/biker friendly.


Community Clean Ups

Next community clean up is July 28th in Poppleton.


Next Meeting

July 26th will be the B&O Railroad Musuem’s presentation of their masterplan for community feedback. Still waiting on the timing, will be at the UM BioPark–encourage folks to come because this will have a major impact.


Donnell asked about putting things in the middle of the traffic circles in Union Square–wanting to turn the cone into a planter. BOPA offers public art grants, which could be a source for money for sculptures. It might make sense to do something temporary first.