Southwest Partnership

Historic Preservation Committee

June 18 2018

Meeting Minutes


Michael Mellett

Jane Mayrer

Elizabeth Weber

Scott Kashnow

Dan Rodenburg

Betsey Waters

Minutes are online, please send comments and corrections after reviewing them, and Elizabeth will do the minutes.

Summer Project Planning

Storytelling Project

Jordan Flack will be working with the SWP over the summer on the storytelling project. He will be focusing on Franklin Square and Poppleton, focusing geographically on N Carey St and working with families in the area and St Luke’s Church. The Committee suggested possible sources including Andre from St Lukes and George, a resident of Waverly Terrace.

Stories will be taped, and Jordan will have flexible availability over the summer.

The Committee will provide introductions to key informants,  Jordan will do research centering on St Lukes and construct a question list to tie the individual to the community to the city. St Luke’s has vestry minutes which will be a good resource

Mapping and Walking Tours

Plan is to start in Union Square and move north to develop a walking tour, maybe based on the SoWeBo 5K route. Might be a good idea to have a common template to work with, divide the area to work with, print plat maps or planning grids. Friends of Carroll Park had a walking tour map, BNHA, other existing neighborhood sites. Start with 4-6 sites in each neighborhood. Scott will come to the next meeting with sites on a map and the committee will develop various tours. Also think about having a digital map on the website and a portfolio of tours prepared.

Malachi Mills House Update

Acquisition moving forward, waiting for an update from the lawyer, going to have to start raising money for it, applied for state funding, research being done.

CHAP Update

1000 W Lombard: liquor store with renovations in violation of historic standard, the owners lost so have to return the building to proper state (remove the unapproved work) or be fined.

1 N. Carey St: owners did unpermitted work, the community raised concern, the owners will present the design at the next SWP Commercial Development Committee on June 26th at 7pm at UM BioPark 801 W Baltimore St.

Deconstruction: 1326 Hollins St has a carriage house n booth which has been approved for deconstruction

Warhorse Cities new construction: approved for size and scale, haven’t discussed finishes yet. Betsey advocated for a corner façade as appropriate, planning to restore 9 S Carlton to larger office space

Several items on the last CHAP hearing agenda.