Southwest Partnership

Education Committee




Quincy Goldsmith

Camille Givens Patterson

Jane Buccheri

Linda Callahan

Lou Packett

Elizabeth Weber

Sheila Drummond Camm

Trayvion Savage

Tracy Matthews



Ivan Leshinsky

Kevin Good

Jane Mayrer

Edith Gilliard

Community School Project Talking Points

The Committee discussed talking points around the community school project so that all committee members are on the same page in regards to the structure of the program and how we communicate it to others.

Members reviewed a draft of the talking points in small groups and offered edits.


  •       what are good key indicators?
  •       Add also on the second bullet point top point
  •       What do we mean by program when we talk about oversight over program
  •       Language? How to break down for audiences
  •       Move differences between community schools and regular schools to under what is a community school
  •       Replace academics with education
  •       How will educators and staff members be supported?
  •       Be clear about principals’ responsibility to the SWP, schools responsibility to the SWP
  •       General grammar edits (especially third bullet point on the first page)
  •       Last three bullet points need a lot of clarification

In the next two weeks send thoughts to Sheila for edits, will have final by July meeting.


Fundraising Report

Going to ask Underarmor to help us develop a fundraising campaign to community fund the community school program. Going to try and raise $320,000 this year. Ivan suggested having a sense of where the money is going to come from before rolling out the campaign.


Acts for Youth

  •       Foundations in school, secular (Walter P Carter)

o   Social emotional learning, healthy relationships classes

o   Restorative justice training

  •       After school—not held in school (Garrett Heights, Guilford)

o   Game plan

o   Shine

o   After school programs are split by gender and Christianity based

o   Pathways 9-12th grade after school: financial literacy, job readiness, healthy relationships 11th-12th paid internships (faith based)

  •       $130,000 investment in school—full time staff (2), resources, supplies, training for teachers
  •       Work to address issues of trauma, especially complex PTSD (CPTSD)
  •       Do parent engagement

Young  Life

  •       Starts with caring adults who build authentic relationships with kids
  •       Go onto school grounds and build relationships with kids one on one
  •       Christian organization
  •       Have monthly club activities, one on one mentoring for middle school boys, young lives supporting teen moms, clubs with regular Bible study, meeting regularly with kids