Southwest Partnership Commercial Development Meeting
Meeting start 19:10

Mario Lloyd
Michael Rock
Michael Seipp
Lou Packet
Todd James
Dorothy Page
Kathryn Hershy
Sarah LittlePaige
Diana Geise
Jane Buchary
Phillip Scott, Architect
Caroline Heckler, Attorney
Sonja, President of Poppleton
Dan Rodenburg
Kfir Alkaslasi, Project Manager and Brother of Izhak

Meeting Agenda
1 N. Carey Street

Caroline: Izhak “Issac” Alkaslasi (Owner) is unable to attend and must go back to NY. Not familiar with process in Baltimore. Attorney, architect and engineer (Kes Engineers) working with him. Applied for CHAP credits. Caroline hired 2 months ago. He also owns 229-231 E North Avenue (26 apartments), 404 E Baltimore Street, 1700 Eutaw Street owns (30 apartments), and 1411 Division Street which is why they hired an attorney. 1411 Division Street collapsed. So did 2 houses on the 1300 block of W Baltimore Street. Izhak is a developer and owner of IG Group.

CHAP hearing was on June 12th (Tuesday). Next meeting not scheduled. Targeting students from University of Maryland but have not begun discussion with University of Maryland. Would like to give 1,500 sq. ft. on 1st floor for after school program and for the community. Ideas are very preliminary. CHAP has concerns about addition façade. It will be brick on the front and stucco on the side.

Phillip (architect): Commercial on 1st floor. Upper level apartments (31 units) 575 -750 sq. ft. Studio and 1 bedroom. Market rate rent but don’t know how much. Architect has known Issac since 2016 and worked on 3 buildings.
No requirement for parking with C-1.

What is their biggest hurdle to moving forward? Development review process.

Any movement on acquiring the 3 adjacent Stockton lots? No City will not sell until he shows them progress.

Issac has funds to build. Doesn’t need financing. Builds in NYC and Miami.

Community does not believe the project, in it’s current form, is viable as presented.

Issac claims to invest $50 million into Baltimore.

Kfir showed up late. He is the Issac’s brother and project manager he has built 4 buildings in Manhattan. Developing in Baltimore for 5 years. Owns par of a management company, Bz Property Management, in Reisterstown.

Jane motioned to adjourn. Lou seconded and all agreed.