Vibrant and Walkable Streets

Meeting Minutes


June 22nd 2017



Dan Rodenburg

Elizabeth Weber


Trash Project Updates

We need to figure out how exactly we’ll be spending the funding from the Baltimore Community Foundation for recycle bins. We want it to be a useful projects that will advance other goals and also fulfill the terms of the grant.


We need to have a community engagement and an incentive component.


Options are an area-wide recycling raffle, having bins and connecting with a community event for some sort of giveaway–connect them with resources about recycling, have a follow up with the people who get them. Could connect with the back to school events. Giveaway could be VISA card. Take a picture and text it to the SWP (hashtag?).


Anti-litter: moving forward applying for funding.


Dan suggested using a celebrity to promote proper trash disposal.



City is involved in removing some of the vacant properties. At the last CHAP meeting an announcement was made that the first of many dangerous properties on the Fulton St corridor. The 1400 block of W Pratt is under consideration to be demolished and possible used for a dog park and green space.