Southwest Partnership Housing Committee
6.8.17 Meeting Minutes
Next Housing Committee meeting is scheduled for 7.13.17 at the UMB Community Engagement Center
Attendees: Taylor Smith-Hams, Debra Young, George Kleb, Dan Rodenburg, Jarret Horst, Lou Packett,
Michael Seipp, Nancy McCormick, Sonya Eaddy, Bill Joyner

 Introductions
 Chesapeake Climate Action Network (represented by Taylor and Debra) presented their
“Community Solar” initiative (see attached). Lobbying by CCAN and others resulted in the
approval of bill HB1087/CH0347; a 3 year program that requires utility companies to interface
with the Public Service Commission and solar developers before any infrastructure projects are
approved and stipulates that 30% of power generated is made available for low income families.
bject3&ys=2015RS for more information.
 State applications have been submitted. 4 CORE, 1 Community Legacy, 4 BRNI. See below in
“Old Business” for more. State has suggested that awards made as early as September.
 Housing projects in the pipeline

 Franklin Square 25 – 40 houses in receivership
 Mt. Clarie 40 – 50 houses
 Poppleton 10 houses
 Pigtown 70 houses

 Property Rights Handbook update – books have been printed and were shared with the group.
Thanks to Diana G. for all her hard work!
 Old Business
o The SWP Board has approved the endorsement of the 20/20 plan previously supported
by the Housing Committee.
o Review of State Applications: all bullet points below are being presented to SWP Board
for endorsement
 Housing (“C” = CORE application, “B” = BRNI application and “CL” = Community
Legacy application)
 C – Lease to Purchase – city believes there are about 71 properties that can be
delivered as available for rehabilitation. Estimated at 1.5MM. This project has
been identified as priority number 1 by the Housing Committee.

 C – W Baltimore Street – multiple projects including 1500 block mixed use on the
south side of the block and the Ford building in the 1400 block. Anticipated ask
of 2MM.
 C- Pigtown – YWCA, two developers interested in a mixed use facility making
use of the 70+ vacant properties. Estimated ask of 1MM.
 B – Aging in Place – including door knobs/levers, grab bars in restrooms, etc.
Estimated ask 570k. This ask includes the cornice replacement idea which was
not disputed by CHAP under initial discussions. (Deferred by the City)

o Other
 B – Acquisition Fund – 500k
 CL – Façade Treatment – Baltimore Development Corporation 250k
 B – Small Neighborhood Grants – miscellaneous asks from residents of the
neighborhoods to be made available for use on projects that support or
enhancement of the community. 210k.
 B – Landmark Lighting – (2) areas in discussion at Carey St. underpass and Hollins
 B – Neighborhood Identity – branding of the neighborhoods to include (7) mural
 B – Defensible Spaces – alley gating.
 C – Industrial Campus – land consolidation in service of a for-profit commercial
business who has approached the SWP for help with acquiring land. Estimated
ask 1.9MM.

o Suggested initiative for next year would be a low interest loan pool for neighbors of
renovated areas to allow them to do home improvements to match the adjacent
o St. Luke’s Clergy house was identified as a potential CORE application. This property
could be included in the W. Baltimore application described above. The church is
anxious to sell but the property is known to need a vast amount of work. This could be
consider against CORE or BRNI grants. Update; this was submitted under the acquisition
 New Business

 Michael requested the support of the committee for writing a letter to the
housing commissioner intended to address the misalignment between how
receivership is handled by the City (favoring the receiver versus honoring the
desires of the community). The motion was approved and Michael will draft this
letter and bring share with the group upon completion.