Southwest Partnership

June 2017 Historic Preservation Minutes

June 19 2017



Michael Mellett

Scott Kashnow

Betsey Waters

Jane Mayrer

Kate Drabinski

Elizabeth Weber

Dan Rodenburg

Kimberly Sheridan


YouthWorks Project

Michael will help out the first day, and then will see what the schedule will be.

Elizabeth reviewed the youthworks project and asked for help where needed and will follow up with Michael about specific times for the first day of the project.


People on the list who should be there:

Dan Rodenburg

Kimberly Sheridan


Southwest Stories Project

Youthworkers are working on the larger Southwest Stories project. Our social media company is looking for short stories (a couple of sentences) that can be promoted on Facebook. Michael has sent a couple of blurbs. Over the next month everyone send in one. Kimberly Sheridan will go on NextDoor and ask for other oldtimers in the neighborhood who would be interested in sharing and in contacts. Short blurb on Malachai Mills House could also be completed.


CHAP Updates

Three buildings on Fulton in Union Square are considered non-contributing. They will be renovated by Bon Secours as part of their housing development project. Were once briefly owned by Charles Carroll’s daughter. They have been approved for demolition as part of Bon Secours project—they will have a facade that matches the corridor and will be a community space. The building materials will be repurposed.


1400 block of W Pratt St—four properties are slated for demolition. Will potentially be a green space and a dog park. There are not a lot of materials there that could be recovered, and the city will take it away to reuse it.


1409 W Baltimore St is slated for demolition (rear portion)–Dan has expressed a protest as it is not an emergency concern.


Scott is very concerned about the buildings on W Baltimore St. What is the next step for the properties slated for demolition? CHAP has gone back to Demolition asking for clarification on what the immediate need for demolition is. Elizabeth will draft an email asking for stabilization and expressing concern about stabilization on the 1400 block of W Baltimore St.


Deconstruction Project Update

Scott: as talking with the city about the project on S Fulton—talked to Bon Secours and CHAP and CHAP will make sure that Bon Secours will talk to us about them. We have two locations that have agreed to store materials. We can write transportation, potentially, into CHAP’s deconstruction/demolition contract.


Project Funding Updates

Applied for funding for projects, but we haven’t heard back yet.

Review of Malachi Mills house project and the needed application for the house museum. EW will send a reminder email to everyone.

Michael Mellett will ask Dr Maryellen Hayward can look at the physical structure of the house.

Reginald Lewis Museum might be willing to talk to us now. Would love to have them as a partner.


Walking Tour

Baltimore National Heritage Area had funds as a city agency to create more of these projects which are now in the hands of the Department of Transportation, and they can’t be accessed.

As we develop our map and walking tour. Talked about identifying historically significant sites. There are lots of different ways to create a walking tour and a walking tour map. Scott wanted to start with the hand out email (and edit it for social media) to ask community members for their input. Scott will send it as the chair of the committee. Around the outside of the map could be space for advertisements.