Southwest Partnership

Safe Vibrant and Walkable Streets Committee

June 23rd 2016

1138 Hollins St




Lucy Steinitz

Laura Supple

Diana Geis

Kidist Belete

Bernd Kiekebusch

Jea Chapman

Chris Redwood

Edith Gilliard

Beverly Jacobs

Bif Browning

Sylva Lin

Daniel Rodenburg

JR Lee

Luis Cardona

Hernan Luduena Sgre

Leslie Lacy


Report from the Chair

Chris Redwood shared a report of the activities that he has been involved in as chair of the Committee. The Report is attached.


The Committee discussed the Casino Impact Area’s board’s interest in expanding access to Carroll Park. They would be interested in funding a larger project to connect improvements of the Carey St underpass to increased access to Carroll Park. The idea is still very preliminary and the B&O will need to be fully committed. Concerns were raised about footbridges and other possible means of access to Carroll Park from the north–part of the project planning if it moves forward will need to be intensive study and analysis.


Project Updates


The Baltimore City Department of Transportation is applying for funding for an Arlington Ave Greenway which would connect Pigtown, Hollins Market, and W Baltimore St and would improve pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure. The initial plan was to apply for funding just for a study but the city expanded the ask to include implementation money as well.


There will be bike share stations at Hollins Market, Washington Blvd, and Franklin Square Park.


The Committee discussed the possibility of rerouting the bicycle boulevard along Hollins St in order to avoid having the route go through the grounds of James McHenry Elementary/Middle School. JR will see if the Hollins Roundhouse neighborhood association has any insight into what is happening with the fence around the school grounds, and Luis will check with Caitlin Doolin, the Bike Planner for the City, about their plans.


Recycling Bins

This is a pilot project that would provide a free recycling bin to residents along Carey St who were interested in participating. They would also receive educational materials and other resources and the Committee would hold recycling incentives throughout a year. We are applying for a grant through the Baltimore Community Foundation that could fund the program.


Sylva has a friend who developed a trash monster art project with children in East Baltimore, and will contact her to see if that is something she would be interested in doing here. Her mother is also available to develop low-literacy handouts as needed. Jea would be interested in being involved in the outreach.


B&O Underpass

The SWP, the B&O and the city agencies had a meeting to discuss next steps. Much of the planning will need to wait until the B&O has done their assessments for stabilization, but the city did provide a quote for repairing the sidewalk on the west side. It would cost $70,000 for concrete and $280,000 for brick. The Committee discussed brick vs concrete sidewalks.


Rain Garden at Southwest Baltimore Charter School

The SWP received a grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust to install a rain garden at Southwest Baltimore Charter School. Funding is tight so we are looking at plant donations. Suggestions included:

Babco, Herring Run Nursery, Greenfields Nursery, and a Parks and People neighborhood greening grant.




There is an old firehouse on the unit block of S Carey St which has a flagpole. The owner has agreed to display a flag or flag(s), if the Committee provides them. The goal is to increase the vibrancy of Carey St. The Committee discussed possible flag options, including the importance of having a design that worked from two sides before deciding to price out and purchase a few commercially available flags to rotate while a SWP themed flag was being designed. Dan will price and select commercial flag options.


Proposed custom ideas included: the SWP logo, the Lots of Art logo, a big red heart with stick figures, a stylized SWP map, and a design related to railroading.


Engineers Without Borders

Laura Supple is from the Engineers Without Borders group at Johns Hopkins. They are interested in doing a project in the SWP area, potentially parklets in parking spaces on the W Baltimore Bicycle Blvds. The Committee offered suggestions for projects including something along Mulberry St, the Wilkens Ave median, Arlington Ave, Washington Blvd, as well as Hollins St. Elizabeth will organize a tour of possible sites with the group.



The Public Safety Committee is organizing a bike safety day on July 17th in the parking lot in front of Hollins Market.


Genesis Prayer Church will be holding a block party in Franklin Square on July 17th as well. Ms Edith will have information about the SWP there.


There will be Free Farmer’s Market at Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School on Sunday the 26th.