Lou Packett

Lisa Rawlings

Diana Geis

Richard Parker

Allie Busching

Khandra Sears

Tiffani Truss


Jon Law

Ivan Leshinsky

Bif Browning

Associated Black Charities- Racial Equity in Workforce Development Work

Tiffani Truss is the workforce strategist at Associated Black Charities, along with Jon Law who is a team member. 


ABC focuses on transactional change work: BCM (volunteer career mentoring program for low wage workers that pairs established leaders/mentors with low wage workers)


Community of Practice: focused on building a collective capacity to implement a racial equity lens to workforce development work, also developing common metrics

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/identifying-and-moving-away-from-white-dominant-culture-tickets-109680449176- next meeting July 10th


Board development: to encourage Black community members who are interested in serving on non-profit boards. Have served about 300 professionals who are interested in serving on boards.


Transformational work: advocacy around policies that address the impacts of systemic racism and white supremacy


ABC offers customizable workshops, presentations (fee for service). Don’t do anti-racism training, focus on organizational change and developing a racial equity lens, as well as reports

Can design trainings based on the needs of the organizations, will do an assessment when they come in 


Have produced a 10 essential questions series of resources


-workforce development: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5728e34fd51cd4809e7aefe0/t/5ef0f0bd16217c2827f10469/1592848573424/10+Essential+Questions+for+Workforce+Development.pdf



-business owner


Lou: employers who reached out for their work–Civic Works,


Lisa: Civic Works has developed an assessment tool that they use to evaluate employers and that includes racial equity–they are working to more completely include racial equity


Elizabeth will send out the 10 essential questions materials


Request for Proposals For Corporate Contribution Program

The Committee reviewed the documents which had been sent out earlier in the week and made the following comments:


Grant Review Committee: member of workforce roundtable explicitly stated

Lou proposed having representatives from 7 neighborhoods

Members of the Review Committee cannot be applying

Lou suggested identifying other funders that could fund other projects


Lisa hopes that the committee recognizes that this kind of grant coming to the SWP is a recognition of the SWP


Please let Elizabeth know if you’re interested in being on the Grant Review Committee


Ivan: suggested using numbers rather than percentage 


Lisa: suggested adding collaborations with other Southwest Partnership community organizations to the rubric


Bif suggested looking at Carnegie Mellon


Diana: South Baltimore Learning Center will be having GED classes at the new CEC