Dan Rodenburg

Kim Sheridan

Kathleen Leichleiter

Keith Robinson

Elizabeth Weber

Betsey Waters

Jane Mayrer

Malachi Mills House Document Comments and Review

Want to understand the goals for 1504 W Baltimore St, how 1506 plays into it.

Shared samples of possible design modalities–committee discussed accessibility, whether or not there would be interior work, and options for visitors for viewing. One option for the interior is to expose as much as possible and keeping the space as minimal as possible. Another is to have some sort of interior furnishings that would allow for an understanding of what daily life would look like when the house was built.


Once the document is completed it will be the starting point for a more robust community design and engagement process to develop designs for the Malachi Mills House.


Historic Sign Project

Need to finalize the language of the Franklin Square sign–Scott wants to make sure that the Franklin Square neighborhood association and the Historic Preservation Committee are going to be the key stakeholders.


Scott will send the design samples to the Committee

SWP Physical Development Team

Concern about Carrollton Bank at 1201 W Baltimore St–want to know about the plans for the bank and what the construction plans are–do not know, demolition was needed but they didn’t get a permit

1 N Carey St– Keith going to schedule a walkthrough for neighborhood leaders. Whole building is going to have 30 units.