Public Safety Committee

Southwest Partnership

July 24, 2019



Attendees: Daniel Rodenburg, Sherman Spivey, Sgt. Welton Simpson Jr., Scott Kashnow


Approval of June minutes

  • Scott Kashnow made motion, Dan second


  • Neighborhood Crime from stakeholders
    • Every other week Tri-District police do business inspection for problems and could do similar for W Bmore St
    • Noticing uptick in drug activity pushed from W Baltimore Street into Franklin square
    • Baltimore Street much quieter
    • Make sure report issues to police to drive data and which impacts deployment of resources
      • Make a public safety campaign to encourage reporting? – Scott Kashnow
    • Sgt. Welton will put together top 10 tips or some other material for contribution–And send to Curtis, Scott Kashnow, etc. 
  • Lighting survey
    • Ask John bullock that the VRI group gets this
    • Ask for lights like 300 block of N Payson
      • How does the committee want to get the other neighborhoods? 
        • Takes 15 mins for each neighborhood
          • JR and Dan will take Poppleton 
          • Hollins – JR & Dan
          • Pigtown/Barre Circle – Tony & Scott Kashnow
  • Streetscaping & Cleaning
    • Idea: Use national night out August 9th on W Baltimore St
      • Have a big presentation with Commission office for Baltimore St 
    • One issue might be resources if they had maintenance tools more would be able
    • Dumpster for Poppleton? Spivey will request through Sonia or SWP
    • Use $5k for streetscaping?
    • Get DPW to next cabinet meeting about Baltimore st trash cans
  • Hollins Market Update
    • facade improvements began
  • Alley Gates
    • 5 gates made and just need to be installed

New Business

  • JR: 1200 W Baltimore management considering donating office to work on all things Baltimore street

Motion to adjourn

  • JR motioned, Tony second