Nicole Orr, Leila Koehler-Frueh, Edith Gilliard, Sonia Eaddy, George Kleb, Nancy McCormick, Christina Engerman, Tony Scott, Paulette Collier., Diana Geis, Lou Packett


Review of June Minutes

  • Motion Nancy and second Lou

Presentation Prep from Christina Engerman – handout prepared

Carol Ott – might come to another meeting

  • will come to Mt Clare Meeting 

Idea from Diana: create health committee?

  • Might be beneficial to develop social and health committee
  • Aging in Place getting absorbed
  • Might be a place for Block Captain? 
  • Feedback:
    • Probably resistance adding another committee to Board
    • Education committee is looking to add health services to schools 
    • Maybe just ask Board to set up task force to research issue? Maybe a governance committee consideration?
    • TONY to bring back to staff

Fundraising Committee Request – Activity Review

  • 1.4: grant to research best practices for remediating housing code violations; 2.3 and 2.5 could be dealt with by staff increase capacity
  • 2.3: visit from SWP staff and committee chairs — builds trust; $100k
  • 2.4: Private funding for homeowners support in strategic blocks?
    • Scholarships to conferences? Neighborhood training?
    • Increase staff capacity to stay on top of housing code violations — ASK MICHAEL
  • 3.5: Malachi Mills and Lord Baltimore projects — workgroup to find pathways to financing
  • 3.6: Talk to new planning person Jeff LaNoue—way to support neighborhood leaders being able to participate in government processes (volunteers)
  • 4.2: Operating support; funding to buy homes from the city→  set up finance acquisition per house ASK MICHAEL
  • 4.4 secure project gap funding: ASK MICHAEL
  • 5.1 LNYW opportunities — anchors; SWP for $100 homeownership class for residents interested — ASK MICHAEL
    • Scholarship and down payment assistance?
  • 5.3 Develop marketing strategy — ASK CURTIS

Christina Engerman shared material on “Why Use a Realtor” and will speak on it at the next Committee meeting


  • Receivership – still vetting developers for auction properties on N Gilmor and N Carey. S Gilmor and McHenry properties were sold to our developers and awaiting final lien abatement and titlework. 
  • Tax sale – now that City’s tax sale systems are back up, Tony has been clearing up the tax sale property list and giving final notice to applicants before removing them in late July/early August. 
  • Poe Homes planning – N/A 
  • La Cite – N/A
  • Aging in Place – N/A 

Old Business

New Business

  • Senior Center – Mt Clare — N/A
  • FYI: Poe Planning Session: July 23rd