Caryn York

Virginia Grant

Khandra Sears

Meaghan Cardoso

Lou Packett

Ivan Leshinsky

Bill Marker

Elizabeth Weber

Crab Picking as Workforce Opportunity

Bill Marker proposed that the Committee discuss the possibility of connecting SWP area residents with employment opportunities provided by the absence of crab pickers on the Eastern Shore who are unable to receive visas. The Committee discussed the proposal, and determined that the best way for the opportunity would work would be to connect it with a career pathway/development program and/or target it youth as a travel and work experience opportunity.


Concern was expressed that the owners of the crab houses would not be interested in hiring inexperienced workers–the opportunity would need to come from the employers. The Committee wants to be very clear that we are not interested in replacing workers who have been unable to continue work because they were denied visas.


The Committee will reach out to the YoCenter to see what their thoughts are on the proposal.


Next Meeting

Next Workforce Committee meeting will be August 1st 7pm 1138 Hollins St. We will discuss the October 626 Event (October 13 Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School) and how to develop an ecosystem of quality job training opportunities for area residents.