Education Committee

July 9 2018


Lou Packett

Karina Mandell

Jane Mayrer

Van Brooks

Abigail Breiseth

Tracy Matthews

Patricia Nelson

Sheila Drummond Camm

Community School Talking Points

Skipping over talking points until next meeting.

Resource Vetting/Mesh Development

Abigail and Elizabeth are planning on meeting next week to develop a system for reviewing existing potential partners and programs, deciding what to do with the information that’s been collected, and developing a system for reviewing partners/strands of the mesh in the future.

The mesh is a menu of vetted resources that meet school and neighborhood needs and can be provided to the schools.

Lou will share the spreadsheet that he has put together.

Sheila will share a worksheet that has been used in other community school planning efforts.

Karina is also interested in being involved.

Van can help finding resources once we know what we’re looking for.

Fundraising for Community Schools Project

Underarmor has agreed to help the Education Committee with the self-funding campaign for community schools in the area. First year will be a pilot year asking for contributions of a dime a day from 80% of the households ($400,000). Want help from Underarmor in putting together the campaign.

The campaign needs to be presented to the Board for approval before being undertaken.

One strategy could be to encourage kids to be part of the process (collecting coins etc).

Money will be used for: trainings/planning process first, then coordinators, and then programs

If money cannot be raised to fully fund the community school coordinators it will be used for programs

What is the timeline goal? Fulltime community school coordinators in place for 2019-2020 school year, with the cost of supervision included in the cost of the coordinators

How will the raised funds be managed/accounted for?

Next Steps/Announcements/Updates

Second Dream Deferred Event September 15th discussion will be on whether schools change neighborhoods or neighborhoods change schools will be at the UM BioPark 4-7pm.