Southwest Partnership Commercial Development Meeting
Meeting start 19:05

Kim Lane
Jim Mills
Allie Busching
Dorothy Page
William “Bill” Freeman Jr.
Raven Thompson
Michael Seipp
Lou Packett
Pastor Denisce Mckey
Marissa McDonald
Frieda Allman

Meeting Agenda

Everyone went around and introduced themselves.

Lou motions to approve minutes, Michael 2nd

Allie Busching works for Civic Works. Partners with communities to be more exclusive hiring and help individuals develop a career path. Marketing will launch in the Fall of 2018. Developing marketing to help identify employers that work with them. Access to resources and improve worker productivity. Platform for employees to voice their view as an employee. Help employers retain employees.

Lou expressed concern of competition. Highlighting some businesses and not others.

Kim asked about partnership with Main Street and talking to businesses to see what they need.

Bill Freeman is here to help businesses as a Business Consultant with America’s SBDC which is funded by SBA. SBDC provides confidential consulting, free of charge, workshops and seminars which are available on their website. He has worked for SBDC for 7 years and 20 years in finance in all types of industries and bank examiner working for OCC. Maryland Association for Non-Profits.

Jim Mills with War Horse gave an update on the Hollins Market project. Went through pricing exercise for project $5 million. $1.75 million committed and working to fill the gap. Putting everything on hold until they can figure out how to make the budget work. City committed $1 million and State $250,000 and $500,000 from War Horse. Working towards Nov./Dec. start but depends on financing. War Horse opened coffee shop, Ellen’s Café Hollins and Arlington where Cups use to be.

15 year lease with City but Cross Street gets 50 year. Tentatively set up for next week meeting with City. 15 year lease is not enough time to recoup their investment. If they received a longer lease they could invest more of their own money. General Contractor is McKenzie Contracting picked through competitive.

Lou asked how this is just coming along now. Jim said RFP was approved in October 2017.

The Committee approved unanimously to get a GC to give proposals on cornices, masonry and windows. There has been little to no success in getting subcontractors to provide bids. At least 5 masonry subcontractors have been scheduled to give bids and 4 of them have gone out but they won’t provide a quote.

Michael says road work on Baltimore Street is killing retail. Bill is down 40% in 6 months. Little Pages down 60% in one year. DOT 4 years has been working on this. Letter to DOT could help. Call John Bullock, 311 and Mayor’s office.

Unanimously approved a letter written to DOT or whomever.

Applications for letters of intent due August 10th for CORE funding. CORE not available this year and they want to make sure there is healthy backlog of good projects.

Meeting to adjourn made by Troy 2nd by Jim.