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Workforce Committee Update

Elizabeth provided the update. The Committee is moving forward with identifying community events to attend in order to build relationships with community members around workforce development needs.


Lisa: might be helpful for the Roundtable to provide information to the Committee about what they do, would be willing to come to a future meeting to come to a future meeting to share what’s available.


Anchor Institution Local Hiring Update

There are six anchor institutions that are part of the Southwest Partnership: UMB, UMMC, Bon Secours, UM BioPark, Wexford Science and Technology, B&O Railroad Museum.


The Local Anchor Hiring Initiative was formed in order to provide access to area providers and their clients to entry level anchor positions: UMB, UMMC, UM Faculty Physicians are currently members and we are working on the Horseshoe Casino.


As part of this work entry level anchor positions are sent out weekly, and if a community member is referred to the program they are guaranteed, if qualified for the position, to have their application seen by a hiring manager.

The goal of this meeting is to provide some feedback on the process.


Curtis: is email the most effective way of getting the word out?

Lisa: it’s hard to say–in the past some of the initial feedback was that the websites were hard to navigate for job seekers.


Lisa: is concerned that there are anchors that don’t participate, and in her view could easily participate. Bon Secours are present as workforce partners but not employers and the UM BioPark businesses could also be anchors. There are also some gaps in referrals from some partners, although we’re seeing more from CFUF–also getting referrals from the Yo!Center.


John: asked about whether there


Curtis: is there a preference for local community members?

Lisa: can guarantee that someone will be seen by a hiring manager–can’t guarantee an interview.

Elizabeth: SWP’s big issue is that there’s no preference–understands that there are internal reasons, but that’s the end goal.

Lisa: will be easier to get preference with more qualified referrals.


Ellen: opportunity to share positive feedback and encourage good candidates to apply again, and emphasize that they are still in the program process.


Jeanne: that is something that the referring program can definitely help with.


Lisa: only UMMC provides feedback, so that’s good feedback to the anchors. She and Rachel can also figure out ways that they can keep folks engaged once they have been approved for the program.


Maxine: one of the things she’s noticed at UMMC is that sometimes application materials aren’t always clear to the recruiter, and that there’s a disconnect between what’s being applied for and the resume, and skills that are relevant to the position aren’t on the resume. She’s also noticed that sometimes community members need support on making themselves easily contactable. A good objective should be clear what the position is–’seeking a full time position as a xxxxx’. Provides a workshop on how to write a resume for UMMC which could potentially be offered to the community. Work history gaps should not be obvious on the resume. If someone was incarcerated, then the ‘State of Maryland Department of Corrections’ can be put on the resume as well as what skills they might have developed while incarcerated.


Eric: how does the vetting process work? How do the anchors know when Rachel has vetted a candidate?

Rachel, Lisa, and UMB HR Staffing do the screening interview on interview readiness. There does need to be a little bit more screening on the resumes and making sure they that they fit what the employer is looking for. Rachel will usually do the final tweaks to make sure someone is ready after screening.


The program was originally designed so that Rachel would be the final arbiter, but because of the complexity of the referral process if she just says yes or no but doesn’t work with the person they might get lost in the system.


There should be follow up with the referrers that are sending folks that aren’t ready.



Vitreon America is moving into the Southwest Partnership area, and is looking into the campus in the area–they would have 250 entry level jobs.


Curtis: is looking to market folks who find jobs through the the SWP and partners, and we’re looking to motivate folks to get involved–so please send them to Curtis. Please share all events with Curtis: curtis@swpbal.org


John: met with Downtown Partnership who is hiring a lot of people at this time, MOED is handling that initiative.


Jacquetta: CFUF is working with Harkins builder to bring on 8 people, as well as with Bon Secours and Whiting Turner on the project across from the CFUF building.


Jeanne: Joe Jones (CEO of CFUF) is joining a panel to discuss life after incarceration 11-1pm at Mondawmin Mall, tomorrow July 22nd.


Humanim Administrative Assistant Training program is starting up again and more information will be shared.


Bon Secours Expungement Event 8/15th office 2-5pm and expungement will be offered on site. Will be held at 26 N Fulton Ave. Received a grant from Kaiser for 1.7 million dollars–over the next two years will have 50 CNA/GNA slots available and are supporting the re-entry program, and community agriculture in the community garden.


Ellen: Paul’s Place will be launching a community kitchen in Fall 2018 as a training program in fall 2018.


Allie: Civic Works Green Careers now has a stormwater treatment track for their training programs. One of the biggest barriers they are seeing is licenses–the Step Up Program can help folks whose license is suspended because their child support is in arrears. The Roundtable has discussed options for providing community members with access to vehicles to get their license.


Civic Works is trying to cultivate a business support program for socially conscious employers who want to expand their capacity.


Zoe: launching a fifth team in the fall in Penn North.


August 26th there will be a Back to School Event for James McHenry–follow up with Sam Burris at UMMC for more information.