Southwest Partnership

Safe, Vibrant, and Walkable Streets Meeting

July 28, 2016

1138 Hollins St


Jea Chapman

Bif Browning

Dotie Page

Dan Rodenburg

Chris Redwood

Elizabeth Weber

JR Lee

Robert Meyer


Project Updates:

Rain Garden at Charter School, the grant was not enough to fund the full part of the project, and the school is nervous about cutting back the project. They want to put it on hold. We have been unable to raise money for the project to have it completed this year.


Chris applied for a neighborhood greening grant from Parks and People to fund the plantings for the project, it could be possible to use the funding for other plantings if necessary. Would know about the grant award for Parks and People until September.


The B&O Bridge project is still waiting for the B&O’s survey work being done on the site. Should know by August and September if they have received a grant that will fund some of the work. Dan is concerned about the garage by the Charter School.


There are tree plantings scheduled for every Saturday morning from September 24th through November 5th. Concerns were raised about watering the trees. Could be a good idea to see if people are interested in watering. Require a gallon of water once or twice a week. Chris will send a list of trees that have been planted so we can coordinate watering. Dan will share Elizabeth’s phone number with folks who are concerned about the trees so they can let her know that trees need to be watered. Jea has free pails and 5 gallon buckets from the Baltimore Tree Trust. Amanda Cunningham will have the buckets. Green Cadet Program through the Department of Juvenile Services is looking for projects like this.


Submitted a grant to the Baltimore Community Foundation for the Recycling Program.


DOT will extend construction along Carey St from Lexington to Rt 40 if a letter is written requesting the work. Should also think of other projects that they could start looking into.


Dan asked about historic lighting and pedestrian lighting–it was looked at in the plan but hasn’t been a focus yet. Dan will take it on as a project.


The Community Liaison of the Southern District (Det. Morton) is interested in engaging with the SWP. Interested in partnering on projects. Chris has mentioned the tree plantings as well as a guns for cash program. She’s also interested in participating in the September 17th Public Safety Day in Carroll Park.


Flag Update: Putting a flag on the firehouse on Carey St. Committee decided to start with three standard flags. Dan recommends a 4 by 6 foot flag with grommets made out of nylon. The cost for a custom flag would be $200 at CRW which is in Glen Burnie. It costs 2 weeks to make a custom flag. Can order a SWP logo flag. The Committee agreed to order the SWP logo on a flag (one abstention from Bif).


The Committee will purchase a MD state flag, sports flag, and an American flag. Bif will look into getting the sports flags donated. Ms Dotie will donate an American flag.


CRW sells pre-made flags as well.



Patrick’s of Pratt St is closing.


Steuart Hill and James McHenry clean up days will be August 13th from 9-4pm. Will need volunteers, and there’s a GoFundMe set up to raise funds for the renovations.


Tomorrow between 1 and 2pm the SWP/UMB YouthWorks students will present their projects at the UMB Community Engagement Center 1 N. Poppleton. Lunch is at 12pm.


Sunday the 31st is Sunday Sounds in the Park in Union Square Park.


Office of Sustainability has a Sustainability Planning process going–what happens depends of the neighborhoods that respond so we will share the plan with SWP area residents. Preserving PopFarm will be especially important.


There is a landscaping proposal for 1001 W Baltimore that is up for CHAP review. CHAP is asking for community input. Dan will send out the link.