Southwest Partnership

Education and Workforce Development Committee

July 7 2016

1138 Hollins St 2nd Floor




Jane Buccheri

Lou Packett

Lisa Rawlings

Elizabeth Weber

JR Lee

Elissa Tyler

Jessica Boone

Vernell Lewis

Jon Law

Edith Gilliard


Workforce Development Funding Application

The Southwest Partnership has the possibility of applying for funding from the state as part of the Neighborhood Revitalization Grants for 2017 for Southwest Works, a workforce development grant. To apply for this funding we need a resolution from the Board of Directors. As the Board meeting has already passed the SWP Executive Committee will need to meet to approve applying for funding. The Committee will need to vote to ask the Executive Committee to approve the funding.

Lou moved, Jane seconded. The motion passed and was unanimously approved.


Steuart Hill Update

While at the school for the SWP annual meeting, JR was concerned about the physical condition of the school building. The school does have some great physical amenities but they aren’t maintained.


A group of residents are interested in painting the school and redoing the auditorium. The school would be interested in having an artist paint the mascot in the school. They will be meeting with Ms Riley from the school on Monday and she will provide a list of projects that need to be done.


Youthworkers in the SWP/UMB Community Youth Fellowship program will help organize a big one day clean up, and then the Committee will work with the Union Square Association to begin building a relationship with Steuart Hill. JR’s niece Jessica will help organize the day.


James McHenry

Jane spoke with Mr Miller, asked if he had one project that he would like addressed would be the cafeteria. Lou and Jane are working with Jane Shaab to speak with the BioPark tenants as well as Cross St partners, and various churches. There is paint available. There will be a team coming from the county to do some work in the school.


The Committee decided to organize a day to work on both schools at one time and form a subcommittee which will follow up with James McHenry and Steuart Hill days. Lou has talked to New Southwest, Baltimore Baptist, and Gallery Church. Can also talk to Carter Memorial, Greater Harvest, and Celebration, and other churches in the community.


Franklin Square

There may also be a project at Franklin Square, but we will need to confirm with them.


Community Leadership Workshop

Over the course of the past years the Committee has learned that Baltimore City Schools have uneven distribution of resources–and many schools in our community do not have access to resources. Have been excited because there has been movement on implementing community schools. Over the past year two years the schools in the area have been in conversation about becoming community schools, but at the current pace it will take twenty years for all schools to have the attention they deserve. Lou introduced a group called LeaderComm who will do training on leadership development and organizing around schools.


Orientation will be Saturday August 20th from 9-12. It will be free and for people who interested in organizing around education. First in a series of three four hour training sessions. Need to come up with an invitation this week and share with the Committee–have conversations with people who have children in schools or have had children in schools and who are interested in seeing things change. People at LeaderComm recommended that people come who are really interested–Lisa is more interested in painting a broader brush. The Committee decided to invite widely in the community. The Committee still needs to figure out space–if there’s not enough air conditioned space at Southwest Baltimore Charter School the Committee agreed to ask Steuart Hill.


Diamonds on the Rise

Elisa Tyler co-founder of Diamonds on the Rise, a youth development organization where youth and young adults are provided resources through enrichment programs and services. They also do adult workshops. They have a national evidence based program that they use for the educational aspects of the after school program. Participants do improve academically as well as socially and with self-esteem. State and local funded and parents pay a small stipend–do have scholarships and have a lot individual donations. They don’t turn families away based on ability to pay. The Committee attendees can share information with school leadership and let them know that the program is available.



7/17 Bike Rodeo in the Hollins Market held by the Southwest Partnership Public Safety Committee in the parking lot across from Hollins Market. Will teach bicycle safety to area children ages 7-15. Going to have information about SWP Committees and food tents.


Carter Memorial is doing a week long academic program the first week of August grades 1-5 in partnership with James McHenry.


UMB/SWP Youthwork program has started as has the CUPs/Hollins Creative Placemakers Program Youthworks program. Programs have started great and are going well. The SWP program has students from the community and are working on community initiated projects. In all there are probably a couple hundred YouthWorkers scattered around the community.


JR is planning a Community Safety Day at Carroll Park held by the SWP Public Safety Committee. It is going to have helicopters in the park as well as dump trucks, fire trucks, and other fun things. It will probably be held the end of August.


Hollins Roundhouse may have a Back to School Festival on the 13th, the Ruth Kirk Festival is also the 13th.