Edith Gilliard Canty

Jane Mayrer

Dotie Page

Paulette Carroll

Diana Geis

Bif Browning

Howard Hughes

Patty Hogan

Jack Sullivan

Elizabeth Weber

Curtis Eaddy

Paulette Carroll

Liberty Henderson

Donnell Nance

David McGill

Scott Kashnow

Laura Dykes

Donnell met with different communities to develop a list of projects. The list is below:

  1. Sidewalk repair and ensuring sidewalks are in ADA compliance Donnell, Liberty


  1. Street repair and smoothing Donnell, 


  1. Installing speed humps and other traffic calming (traffic signage) where the neighborhoods want/need them Paulette, Dotie, Donnell


  1. Completing existing roundabout and traffic calming projects Bif/Patty/Union Square


  1. Street markings, crosswalk markings, and street beautification efforts Dotie, Jack, 


  1. Bike lane installation David, Bif


  1. Improved community signage Laura, Diana


  1. Improved street (pedestrian) lighting


  1. Tree trimming, Tree trunk removal Howard, Dotie, Scott


  1. Tree planting
  2. Tree well enlarging, Jack (standards for tree planting)


  1. Restoring water supply to Franklin Square comfort stations Dotie, Edith, Donnell


  1.  Renovations of Franklin Square comfort stations Scott, Edith, Jane


  1. Increased community trash and recycling cans (personal) 


  1. Pocket Parks, Bif

Donnell is going to ask that everyone take a look at the list that was development and take on a task that they can take ownership of the task for the year. 


Diana asked whether they would be taking on tasks for specific projects and make note of the need in the larger area, and then identify where the biggest priorities are.


Committee members would be asked to identify the problem areas, work with neighborhood associations on submitting 311 reports, and then identifying the most egregious examples that could be raised directly to the City. Building a team could be a way to make the task easier.


Some projects seem like they lend themselves to a map–Scott happy to help with that. Elizabeth will make a map under the Streets Committee email, with each layer being a different area of need. 

Each neighborhood association will be asked to provide information about what needs there are in their communities to provide to the map. 


Curtis: SWP will be hosting a series of W. Baltimore St streetscaping charrettes. Goal is to have three different charrette events. The Committee discussed charrette elements and features to focus on. Will be starting in March, with charrettes in April and May. 


UMCP landscape design students will be working on a master plan for W. Baltimore St and will use the results of the charrette to do that. Bif asked if we should do the plan before the charrettes? Jack–better to know what the committee’s priorities are. 


Kick off charrette March, report backs Committee meetings. Curtis, Elizabeth, and Donnell will meet to discuss the schedule. 


Jack’s students could meet with the Committee at the February Committee meeting. 


Paulette: would like all seven of the communities to start a love our neighbors program to help look out for neighbors. Donnell and Ms Paulette will meet offline to talk about partnering with the Public Safety Committee. 


Donnell: spring is coming, would be great to think of different clean up efforts, Clean Block competition, something we should discuss in the February time frame. Recycling dumpster is still in Union Square.


Diana: been issue with rats in Barre Circle, DPW has a rat abatement program. Best way to address is a trash issue. Rat abatement program is poison so people with pets should be careful


Scott would like the committee to discuss potential capital projects for state of MD grants. City has re-opened the Adopt a Lot list–knowes the time to get under neighborhood control.