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Leadership Program Update

Workforce Roundtable hosting first community leadership series for a committee. The first meeting of the group was yesterday—will be receiving individual coaching, will work on developing topics and facilitating workforce roundtable meetings, and updating the needs assessment.  

SWP is a unique, grassroots organization and the leadership program series is a way to continue growing this work and building connections, and grow leadership of community members.


SWP Workforce Committee Updates

SWP is determining evaluation metrics for our six SWP Vision Plan Goals. The goal related to our workforce development work is ‘Improve the Quality of Life and Access to Economic Opportunity for Current Residents’. This work will be done by the SWP Education and Workforce Development Committees on February 6th 7pm at Vivien T Thomas Medical Arts Academy.

Roundtable think as what’s missing from the group as a whole—what do we need, what isn’t here already. Also we would need expertise on evaluation the performance measures and goals.

Look at are people being served.


SWP Workforce Roundtable 2020 Goals

What does the group want to work on?

  •         more presentations from interest areas, especially services that provide immediate resources to programs, deep informational sessions

o   financial 101 consultation, counseling, help with back taxes

  • Bon Secours Financial Services—Elizabeth will get in touch with Merceditas
  • CASH Campaign

o   Easy to access basic computer and smartphone training

  • Enoch Pratt?
  • BYTE Back, looking for partners
  • Pass it On Maryland computer training

o   Training on MOED system to find out work history, pull wage history

  • Someone at MOED knows the answer
  • Jacob France Center
  • Department of Labor

o   Community-wide secret shopper to test out job services (program evaluation tools)

  • Feedback forms or surveys
  • Create a set list of questions that can be used as part of a check-in

o   Employer needs and high need, where are they hiring

  • MOED supposed to have that information
  • Jacob France may have that information as well

o   Resource Fair with JOTF, outreach event, expungement on site

  • Outreach most important
  •         Michael Franklin, volunteer to do outreach

o   Sharing resources and connecting

  •         Hiring events shared by Bon Secours, and others also CAN/GNA training


Wednesday 22nd will be information session and UMB for community outreach and community resource workers—usually hire from the community being worked with

Every Wednesday in January a US Census will be at CEC for workforce Wednesday

January 29th holding an event called the Empowered Worker at the CEC

February 5th holding a FAFSA training/workshop (Elizabeth share with Felecia for VTMAA)

UMB has, with the help of Clay Pots, to have evening and weekend GED classes at the new CEC. Looking for funding to help people pay for the test

Currently recruiting for CNA/GNA training (18-24 Baltimore City resident, classes begin in March), also have other funding sources

Bon Secours—really need background friendly employers

Week of January 20th begins UMMC Random Acts of Service week. Looking to hire 100 Youthworks students at both hospitals. Will soon be posting for a coordinator position in workforce.

Back on My Feet now located at 201 N Charles St

General Assembly Session has started, JOTF active in Annapolis on a number of issues that impact low impact workers. If you would like be on the mailing list email Joanne at joanne@jotf.org