Lisa Rawlings

Elizabeth Weber

Rachel Goodrich

Ellen Levy

Ashley Black

Thomas Mayfield

Goals for 2019

  • Increase capacity of workforce partners serving SWP area residents by inviting guests who can speak to issues that organizations are facing, resources available to area residents, etc
  • Increase business development/job development services

Agenda Items for 2019

  • February Meeting: Ben Cohen, Chris Firehook, Center for Mobility Equity, Amber Frame Commute with Enterprise (all can help training providers, organizations that work with job seekers, employers figure out how to connect people with jobs) Commute with Enterprise figures out van pooling
  • Claire Hinson: Associated Black Charities, done work on equity, race, and workforce
  • Unsure what to do about anchor partners—Elizabeth will send an invitation with the workforce committee
  • St Agnes—could be invited to attend (St Agnes has its own meeting for community partners)
  • JOTF
  • Mental health employment support, DORS, SSA workforce programming, MOSAIC, PDG Group
    • Elizabeth will follow up
  • Will send survey on what workforce development providers are looking for
  • Carroll Camden Industrial Area and other larger employers
  • Follow up with MOED about what services they can provide—follow up with Deral about getting contacts
  • Ask for more hosts/targets for recruitment events—include in the letter to the anchors (formal requests for more information sessions and hiring events in the community, presentation to the workforce roundtable on their local hiring practices)
  • Workforce funder presentation (ABAG, workforce funder roundtable)
  • Bringing high quality programs to the area: Center for Urban Families, Out For Justice (especially looking at programs that work with young black men)
  • Coordinating with high school graduates—reach out to the schools and ask them what their career readiness needs are
  • Elizabeth will talk to Richard and Lou about doing a joint reading of CTE reports when they come out
  • Senior Community Service Employment Program (NW Career Center at Mondawmin Mall)
  • Job opportunities for older community members
  • Data management systems (CFUF uses Apricot)
  • Opportunity Zones (?)

Elizabeth will send Ashley a list of usual attendees

1st open house for the first cohort of the year for STRIVE will be January 25th

Elizabeth will check with CFUF about the details

CFUF Mock Interview February 13th